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    Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:09 pm
    Message by Tommy - Shit?
    What kind of shit did I say ? She simply insulted the entire community by calling them underage when she is as well. Was not any insulting there.
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    Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:35 am
    Message by Niklaus Corvin - My erase of the caln
    Vampire-Assasin Clan.

    Name : Satsujin-sha ( Assasin ) Taipu ( Clan )

    Ranks and their jobs :

    1º Satsujin-sha : They command the whole clan. They take care of the really difficult misions. Sometimes they work with the Mufflers but more often they proceed alone.

    2º Muffler or Silencer : They are the right hands of the Satsujin-sha. They act like their counselors and take care of the Satsujin-sha's security.

    3º ANBU : Under the Mufflers they are the best assasins on the clan. They are specialists on making ambushes. As I already said they usually work in groups. Being commanded by the Mufflers

    4º Blood Letter : They are the ANBU apprentices. Specialist on killing without getting see.

    5º Ranger : They already show what are they able to provide to the clan. They take care of the easy missions, like spying or little contracts.

    6º Fresh Blood : The newest members. They have to show what are they able to provide to the clan. ( P.D : This is like an outsider rank. The time on this rank is really low. Maybe a few hours )

    Clan Role :
    The clan role will be like an Assasin's Brotherhood. Our job will be to kill by contracts. We also do fake deaths to avoid trouble and we take car of giving the subjet a new identify ( Just ICly ), by contract to.
    Another posible job could be dissapearing vampire evidence.. like bodies with bites and that stuff. ( RPly Job )- The clan idea is to support us between ourselves and help other kindreds with their troubles.

    Fee of the contract : The fee is reduced to low depending on the difficulty of the mission.The price will be decided soon.

    Contact Method : Just ICly . Not by phone.. ( Phone Method is If we trust you and we work for you before ). Find out our Hidding Places, there is where we will make contracts.

    Joining Method : Post a reply, there you have to copy this questions and answer them :

    IC Section

    Are you vampire ? ( If not .. Don't reply ) :
    Whats your IC name ? :
    Phone Number :
    Adress ( If you have a house. Not rent ) :

    OOC Section

    Name :
    Country :
    How many hours do you play per day ? :
    Why would you like to join us ? :
    Rate your RP : 1/10

    Faction Rules :
    Agree the server rules and dont break them.
    Respect the higher ranks and apply they orders.
    Respect the lower ranks too.
    Don't MG-RK-DM-CJ-Car Ram-PG-BH-DB
    Enjoy playing in the server.


Rank: Management
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