Werewolves And Their Abilities. . .

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Werewolves And Their Abilities. . .

Post by Seeker on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:28 am


Werewolves, vampires' sworn enemies, are beings that have the ability to shapeshift into wolf. Werewolves cannot upgrade their weapon skill level, but they can learn and upgrade werewolf abilities. By default, their weapon skill level is set to "Poor Level", lowest level, and it cannot be changed. Maximal possible rank that can be learned is 5 for each ability. Each ability has it's cooldown time which is defined on the learned rank of the ability (The higher is the learned ability rank, the lower is the cooldown time). They cannot use their special abilities while in human form. They cannot enter vehicles or use weapons while in wolf form.

Werewolf Abilities

Wolf Jump(/wolfjump or Sprint Key + Jump Key)

Works exactly like Vampire Jump, the only difference is that the werewolf cannot use the ability while in human form. The height of the jump is defined by the learned Vampire Jump Ability rank of the subject. Cooldown is [8 - Wolf Jump Ability Rank] seconds.

Wolf Sniff (/wolfsniff)

If used in wolf form, the ability works exactly like Vampire Sniff. The wolf that used Wolf Sniff Ability is able to see nearby players on his/her radar. Nearby players are marked on his radar for three seconds. Humans are marked as yellow, vampires as red and werewolves as brown. The perceiving radius is [Wolf Sniff Ability Rank * 20] around the subject. Cooldown for this ability is [35 - (Wolf Sniff Ability Rank *5)] seconds.

Wolf Bite (/wolfbite)

The wolf bites the victim, causing [10 * Wolf Bite Ability Rank (Of the attacker)] health points damage to the victim. The victim does not suffer from poisoning. Cooldown for this ability is [7 - Wolf Bite Ability Rank] minutes. The attacker has to be close to the victim.

Wolf Lick (/wolflick [playerid/PartOfTheName])

The wolf heals the target for [Wolf Lick Ability * 5] health points by licking the wound. Cooldown for this ability is [(6 - Wolf Lick Ability Rank) * 25] seconds. The cast time is [Wolf Lick Ability] seconds. Cast time and the healing done to others is doubled.

Wolf Howl (/wolfhowl [action])

The wolf howls loudly. Players in radius of [Wolf Howl Ability * 200.0] SA:MP distance units hear the howl. Cooldown for this ability is [70 - (Wolf Howl Ability Rank *100)] seconds.

Wolf Endurance (Passive Ability)

Determines the maximum health in wolf form. Wolf form max health is 75.0 health points. It can be raised up to 100.0 health points. One Wolf Endurance Rank increases the max health of the wolf by 5.0 health points.

Wolf Strength (Passive Ability)

Defines the damage done by using Boxing (Damage modifier: + [Wolf Strength * 2]) combat technique (Set when shapeshifted in wolf form).

Wolf Speed (Passive Ability)

The movement speed of the wolf is moderately increased while in wolf form.

Wolf Language (Passive Ability)

Wolves can communicate with each other. Only a Werewolf can understand and speak the Wolf Language.


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