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Staff List

Post by Seeker on Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:21 am

Server Management
Karla Alderman
Victoria Strauchen
Ray Black
Dominique LaRue
Kevin Alymer

Senior Administrator
DeRon Ellis

In Game Administrator
Jamie Steel
Ryan Maxwell
Terry Winston
Nicolas Djodjorevic
Aki Kurotaki


Ray Black - Developer
Marcus Keaton - Developer
Kyol Daniels - Developer
David Reese - Forum Userbar design
Terry Winston - Forum Banner design
Iceey' - VH:RP Image on Staff List.

Previous Administrators:
Akane Shine - In Game Administrator
Ariel Virai - Trial Administrator
Arnold Angel - Senior Administrator
Shin Takeshi/Leon Ashford - In Game Administrator
Kirki Sokolov - Trial Administrator
Cora Noble - Trial Administrator
Kyol Daniels - Trial Administrator
Desmond Bartholomew - In Game Administrator
Alessandro Farinetti - Senior Administrator
David Reese - Trial Administrator
Beatrix Rothstein - Trial Administrator
Taylor Woods - Trial Administrator
Jager Arach - In Game Administrator
Luna Beaumont - Senior Administrator
Caleb Simms - Senior Administrator
Keyon Jones - In Game Administrator
Angelina Clark - In Game Administrator
Shane Storm - Beta Tester, Trial Administrator
Yuudai Tanaka - In Game Administrator
Dilandau Montague - Server Owner
Peter Greenson - Management
Sean Phelps - In Game Administrator
Niklaus Corvin - Senior Administrator


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