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Fegarri Pedia today

Post by Kevin Alymer on Thu Dec 01, 2011 8:19 am

Fegarri Pieda today is a part of a larger tribe. It is part the main wolf tribe in Red County and deals with its issues. Other wolf packs have to come to Fegarri to be allowed on their territory which is Red County itself. It deals with the issues of the garous in all of Red County including the ones who are already in werewolf packs.

Death Claws is another pack the old Fegarri had conflicts with. They still have conflict left with Fegarri but this time they are more careful on the matter due to Fegarri becoming part of a tribe.

Fegarri recruits carefully. They choose among the strongest of the garou. To get initiated in Fegarri a garou has to go through the rite of reunanciation.

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