Solarin Industries and Construction Co

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Solarin Industries and Construction Co

Post by Terry Winston on Tue Nov 29, 2011 9:12 pm

Solarin Industries and Construction

Solarin industries and Construction was founded in November 2011 by the Founder Terry Winston. With his investment in buying construction equitment,  vehicles and a base of operation the company had a base of which it could start trading and employing. The company was founded out of nessesaty there where many building aging with time and in some serious need of repairs not including the local road networks. We are currently based in Dillimore we have our officer and yard there the majoraty of out equitment is stored there. We hope to start working with the local goverment in helping restore public buildings and keeping the roads to a high and safe standard.

SIC Headquarters

Here at SIC we aim to provide the highest quality and most proffesinal service in the Red County area, we are equiped to take on just about any job wether it be a small scale extension on your private home to a complete overhall of an industrial building, No job is ever to small. Are highly skilled worker will carry the work out in a safe and proffesianal manor and complete any work on time and on budget.

Becoming an Employee

Here at SIC we know that our workers are the most valuable tool we have so we like to ensure we pay them well. All starting employees can choose between having $600 Per every two hours or a sum of cash from profits made from a job. If you would like to become and employee please fill out the form and send it to Terry Winston.

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