Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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Auspice and Breed Guide,gifts and tribes

Homid Breed Gifts

Dead-Eye(Level one Garou gift) : A homid can use this gift to succeed even one of the most difficult shots,otherwise considered impossible by common humans. (By using this gift,any shot will be a 100% success rate,applies for firearms and bows/crossbows). Gift is taught by a Raven-spirit.

Master of Fire(Level one Garou gift): This gift consumes the Garou's gnosis ,but making him able to touch fire without hurting himself or heal burns,making a deal with the ancient spirits of fire.(Consumes large amounts of Gnosis,variating on the time spent touching the fire or the burns). Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit of fire.

Persuasion(Level one Garou gift): This gift allows the Garou to become more persuasive,his words gain meaning and credibility.(This gift does not work as a hypnotizing effect,it just makes you seem more convincing and trustable).Gift taught by an ancestor-spirit.

Smell of Man(Level one Garou gift): By using this gift the Garou enhances the human scent around him,making most animals around him flee. (Does not apply to supernatural beings using an animal form). Gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.

Divide(Level two Garou gift): This gift can be used to exploit the disagreements between individual groups,tribes or families making their issues unable to be resolved and causing more conflict between them. However this gift will not work if there is no conflict already going on between them. It is more effective on creatures using Rage,such as Garous. This gift is taught by a dog spirit.

Jam Technology(Level two Garou gift): Disables the technology around the Garou for a short amount of time(Guns,electricy or cars won't work around the Garou when the gift is used). Gift is taught by a Gremlin.

The Speech of the World(Level two Garou gift): This gift allows the Garou to speak any human language he encounters,however not write it or read it. His accent will be noticed. Gift is taught by an Owl-spirit.

Stare Down(Level two Garou gift): By using this Gift,when the Garou eyes any being it will cause it to flee in terror,but when used against a Garou,it will cause him to freeze in place rather than flee. Gift is taught by a Ram or Snake spirit.

Unnatural Camouflage(Level two Garou gift): A Garou using this gift will immediatly blend in to the new environment,his appearance and clothing will be seen as the common ones around. However,this is an illusion and will drop when the Garou interacts with anyone in that environment. This gift is taught by spirits of illusion or trickster spirits.

Disquiet(Level three Garou gift): The Garou causes the subject to feel depressed and withdrawn,making the target unable to use Rage or focus on his duties. This gift is taught by an ancestor spirit.

Reshape Object(Level three Garou gift): The Garou can re-shape a once-living object into a new one,however the object must be resemblant with the one he re-shaped.(For example,flowers to perfume or a tree to a shelter. You may use /coin to decide upon the duration of the object. One Heads = five minutes,two Heads = 10 minutes,three Heads = 1 day,four Heads = 1 week,five Heads = permanent.) This gift is taught by a Weaver-spirit.

Tongues(Level three Garou gift): This Gift enables the Garou to speak and write any human language no matter how ancient or obscure it is.Gift taught by a Raven spirit.

Body Shift(Level four Garou gift):This Gift allows the Garou who possesses it to extend their shape shifting abilities to a new plane. They can alter their physical form to improve their strength, or to gain increased speed above and beyond the ability to change to Crinos by borrowing from one aspect of themselves to temporarily give to another.

Cocoon(Level four Garou gift): The Garou may create a veil around himself,making himself immune to fire,starvation,gas and metal. Gift taught by an Insect or Weaver-spirit. (It drains your Gnosis,therefore the duration can vary.)

Gaia's Embrace(Level four Garou gift,Pure Ones): After suffering aggravated wounds,the Garou may be burrowed in soil where his wounds will heal at an incredibly fast rate.(One per hour) Gift taught by an Earth-spirit.

Spirit Ward(Level four Garou gift): By drawing a pictogram in the air the Garou is able to defend himself from spirits,annoying and scaring each spirit around himself except for the pack's totem. The sign travels with the Garou for a moderate amount of time. Gift taught by an ancestor spirit.

Assimilation(Level five Garou gift): The Garou is able to blend smoothly into any culture, not matter how strange or alien the culture is. The
Garou can slip in among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing he does not belong. This Gift will not hide racial differences, but the behaviors and mannerisms of a native can be mimicked. This also allows the Garou to speak and understand the culture language, although it will be forgotten when the Gift wears off. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Par the Veil(Level five Garou gift): The Garou may use this gift to immunize a human to the Delirium effect when he shifts into his Garou form.However his memories will be deleted if Delirium is induced in him later on. An ancestor-spirit teaches this gift.

Ubermech(Level five Garou gift): The Garou is admired and looked up to by others as an idol or a fearsome figure. He seems more charismatic,attractive or desirable,also intimidating.[/color]

Lupus breed gifts
Find Water(Level one Garou gift): The Garou may find any body of water within 20 miles. Gift taught by a Frog-spirit.

Heightened Senses(Level one Garou gift): While in his Homid or Glabro form the Garou gains the senses as sharp as those of a wolf,and when in his wolf form the Garou gains preternatural senses.(Basically,when in your human form your hearing is 10x better,same as vision,you'd get a better perception of what's going on around. And when in your wolf form,you'd be noticing the slightest movement around,making you able to dodge incoming attacks or prevent yourself from getting tackled/shot/stabbed etc. No,you can not dodge bullets.) Gift taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Leap of the Kangaroo(Level one Garou gift): This gift allows the Garou to leap at great distances. Gift taught by a Hare or Cat spirit.

Pray Mind(Level one Garou gift): When the Garou becomes the prey instead of predator,this gift gives him the ability to evade the enemy in a pursuit,showing him where to hide,where to run or how to attack back. Gift taught by a lamb or deer spirit.

Sense Prey(Level one Garou gift): This gift allows you to see the location of every possible prey within 50 miles. Gift taught by a wolf spirit.

Sense Wyld(Level one Garou gift): This gift,when invoked,allows the garou to sense any Wyld energies or spirits in the nearby area. Gift taught by a Wyld-spirit.

Axis Mundi(Level two Garou gift):The Garou with this Gift can center herself in relation to Gaia, and always know which direction she is
traveling in or facing, no matter where she may be in the Gaia realms. In addition, the werewolf carries her "territory" around with her, in a mystical sense. Wolves will detect this, and concede her right to travel through their territories and hunt there. Other animals will also recognize this, and not attack the intruder.

Eye of the Eagle(Level two Garou gift): Using this gift will enable the Garou to see objects from miles away as if they were right in front of them,however this gift is not as effective in cities as buildings tend to get in-between. Gift taught by an Eagle-spirit.

Scent of Sight(Level two Garou gift): The Garou can use his sense of smell to compensate completely for his eyes, thus, he could attack invisible creatures normally, or roughly navigate in absolute darkness.(Basically you can could 'see' with your nose. This gift is only usable in wolf form.) This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Sense the Unnatural(Level two Garou gift): The Garou using this gift will sense any supernatural energies around him and determine it's approximate strength and type. (He could determine how strong that target is (Score IG) and his type (Race),works more or less like a sniff but in both Homid form and wolf form,drains Gnosis depending on the distance). Gift taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Wyld Ferocity(Level two Garou gift): Using this gift will make a human fear the wild highly,making the human unable to act or have to flee from the Garou's sight.(It can be used both in human and wolf form,however the Garou must let out a growl for this to work)Gift taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Catfleet(Level three Garou gift): The Garou gains the agility of a cat,he always lands on his feet and his actions are more effective in combat,also he gains balance better on slippery surfaces. Gift taught by a Cat-spirit.

Death Whispers(Level three Garou gift): A Garou standing near a recently dead body can hear it's last words however those words would seem rather incoherent and less understandable,but it can provide clues on what happened the moment of their death.

Monkey Tail(Level three Garou gift): Altough a Lupus' tail does not seem much,this gift allows the Garou to manipulate his tail better,gaining far more agility and making it able to grasp objects or wrap it around objects. Gift taught my a Monkey-spirit.

Name the Spirit(Level three Garou gift): The Garou is able to detect the name,type and strength of any spirit. Gift is taught by a servant of the Uktena totem.

Strength of Gaia(Level three Garou gift): The Garou gains the blessing of Gaia,increasing the Garou's strength by incredible amounts while in his Lupus form,as strong as a Crinos making the Garou able to defeat his enemies.(Adds +4 to your actual strength. Remember you get -2 for Lupus,that means if you have 5 strength,you'd have 5-2+4=7)

Beast Life(Level four Garou gift): The Garou may not only communicate with animals,but command them aswell. Gift taught by any animal-spirit.

Gnaw(Level four Garou gift):The Garou may strengthen her jaws to the point that, given time, she can chew through just about anything.In addition, her jaws do more damage in combat. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Venom(Level four Garou gift): The Garou may now produce noxious venom and envenom his targets using bites. The venom will highly incapacitate the target or even kill it,the Garou is immune to his own venom however he is vulnerable to other's venom.Gift taught by a snake-spirit.(Most Garous don't do deals with snake or serpent spirits,but sometimes they do it to bring justice,using this gift against honorable Garous can be considered action of Wyrm-taint.)

Boon of the Animal Fathers(Level five Garou gift): By entreaty to a specific Animal Father the Garou may gain the advantages of an alliance with the respective Totem.This gift only works with totems that embody "real" animals; Unicorn or Pegasus cannot be entreated with this gift.

Elemental Gift(Level five Garou gift): The Garou may call upon the primal force of Gaia Herself, thereby commanding the spirits of the elements. The Garou can cause the elements to rise up, undulate forward, and even engulf foes. This Gift summons an elemental spirit, not merely the raw matter of the elements. This Gift is taught by an elemental.

Song of the Great Beast(Level five Garou gift): The Garou must be in the deep wilderness to employ this Gift. If so, he can, by howling at the sky, call one of the Great Beasts - the ancient creatures that used to walk the Earth in ages past - to his aid. Examples of Beasts are the Sasquatch (Bigfoot), the Willawau (giant owl), the Yeti, the great megalodon sharks that swam the seas eons ago, and other legendary creatures. Who knows - there are rumors of surviving dinosaurs in the deep Congo... This Gift is taught by a Nature-spirit.(This gift does not allow you to go command these creatures,they will aid you once and once only,in an honorable matter. They will not do your dirty bidings.)

Metis Gifts

Create Element(Level 1 - Wolf Form):
The Garou can create a small amount of one of the four basic elements - fire, air, earth or water. In this way, a Garou can replenish the air supply in an airtight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or wood, or fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. Precious metals (especially silver) cannot be created, nor can lethal gases or acid. This Gift is taught by an elemental.

Create Oriental Element(Level 1 - Wolf Form):
This can be taken as an alternate to the classical Create Element gift by characters from the Far East, such as Hong Kong Glass Walkers, Hakken Shadow Lords, Ainu Uktena and Stargazers. The elements that can be created are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. Precious metals cannot be created, but the Garou can pick a lesser metal (zinc, iron, bismuth, magnesium, mercury, etc.) with two or more success; vocational Kindred hunters will no doubt find the Wood part most invaluable.

Primal Anger(Level 1 - Wolf Form):
The metis learns to focus the anger within her heart and use it to increase her Rage. The anger takes a
physical toll on the werewolf, and it is up to her to unleash it on her enemies. The spirits of ancient metis teach this Gift. Few members of other breeds have suffered enough shame and suffering to learn this Gift.

Sense Wyrm(Level 1 - Both Forms):
The Garou can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense,
not a visual or olfactory image, although Garou using this Gift are likely to say, "This place stinks of the Wyrm." This power requires active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Shed(Level 1 - Wolf Form):
The Garou knows the trick of shedding and growing fur at an alarming rate. This gift makes the Garou especially hard to grapples successfully; opponents find themselves holding tufts of fur instead of their target. The Garou can also slide through tight spaces using his shedding fur as natural lubrication. A Lizard-spirit or Snake-spirit teaches this Gift.

Primal Anger(Level 1 - Wolf Form):
The metis learns to focus the anger within her heart and use it to increase her Rage. The anger takes a physical toll on the werewolf, and it is up to her to unleash it on her enemies. The spirits of ancient metisteach this Gift. Few members of other breeds have suffered enough shame and suffering to learn this Gift.

Burrow(Level 2 - Wolf Form):
The Garou can burrow a tunnel into the earth. The tunnel is relatively permanent, and other can follow the
Garou through it, although it is tight and only one person at a time can go through. However, no being larger than the Garou can travel the tunnel. The Garou must be in Crinos, Hispo or Lupus form to use this Gift, but the tunnel will only be as large as the form he assumed while burrowing it. The tunnel is not structurally sound and will collapse over time. This Gift is taught by a Mole-spirit.

Curse of Hatred(Level 2 - Wolf Form):
The Garou may verbalize the hatred in her heart, disheartening opponents with the intensity of her emotion.This Gift is taught by a spirit of Hate.

Grovel(Level 2 - Wolf Form):
By calling upon thebehavior ingrained into Garou by the Litany, the possessor of this Gift can all but forcean attacker to accept their surrender. This does not mean the attacker will leave the Gift user alone. Theymay continue to watch you and may verbally berate you, but they will not harm your as long as you do notinitiate any attack. This Gift lasts for a scene and is taught by any Canine spirit.

Haunting Stare(Level 2 - Wolf Form):
The Garou summons her hereditary instability and focuses it into her stare. Going into the eyes of the metisleaves the victim choking with horror. An Ancestor-spirit teaches this Gift.

Wriggle(Level 2 - Wolf Form):
Metis sometimes have to hide in all the wrong places at the wrong times. With this Gift, they can take best advantage of their surroundings to get away and take a breather. The spirit of a Cockroach teaches this gift.

Awaken Beast(Level 3 - Wolf Form + Bite level 5):
This is the old ability out of legends and folklore; the power to change someone else into a werewolf by biting him. If the Gift is successfully used on a victim, their Beast awakens and they begin to Frenzy. Theeffect lasts for a single scene, although a human bit with this Gift may develop permanent derangement.

Chameleon(Level 3 - Wolf Form):
Like the Gift's reptilian namesake, the Garou can blend with her natural surroundings. Unlike the lizard,however, the Gift user shifts fluidly with changing backgrounds, thus allowing the Garou to move aboutand even attack. A Chameleon-spirit teaches this Gift.

Eyes of the Cat(Level 3 - Wolf Form):
The Garou may see clearly in pitch darkness. The Garou's eyes will glow a lambent green while this power is in effect. This Gift is taught by a Cat-spirit.

Mental Speech(Level 3 - Both Forms):
The Garou may mentally communicate with another being over great distances. This does not allow mind-reading, but does allow the Garou to use Social Abilities, such as Intimidation, from a distance. The Garoumust know the person with whom he is attempting to communicate (although he does not have to be friendswith that person). If he does not know the person, he must have something that belongs to that person, suchas a lock of his hair. This Gift is taught by a Bird-spirit or any spirit affiliated with intellect.

Shell(Level 3 - Wolf Form)
Consider the state of the Metis cub. He is outcast from birth, knows this from the moment he can talk, andis trapped within a body that reacts powerfully to his slightest emotional twinge. Once you appreciate this state, it becomes easy to understand how this Gift was first learned. Shell places an emotional and instinctual barrier around the metis. A turtle spirit teaches this Gift.
While active, the metis cannot use Rage nor achieve any, this is mainly for protection and to flee.

Splintered Claw(Level 3 - Wolf Form)
This painful Gift causes the metis' claws to splinter as they piece flesh. Tiny bits of claw imbed themselves deep in the victim's body, thus causing tremendous irritation. Healing such a wound without first removing the splinters is both painful and stupid. Unfortunately the Gift's user loses her claws and it takes a day to regenerate new ones. A Tree-spirit teaches this Gift.

Madness(Level 5 -Wolf Form)
The Garou can induce madness in others. The madness will take a form decided by the Storyteller, but should be severe. This Gift is taught either by a Lune or by a spirit of Madness or Trickery.

Totem Gift(Level 5 - Wolf Form)
The Garou is in touch with the totem of her tribe and can actually plead with the totem, gaining some of its power. The effects of this power are up to the Storyteller, but should be in keeping with the totem; thus Chimera (totem of the Stargazers) might grant the Garou increased insight or the ability to Shapeshift into anything desired, while Rat (totem of the Bone Gnawers) might send swarms of rats to attack the Garou's enemies, and Grandfather Thunder (totem of the Shadow Lords) might smite the Garou's enemies with a blast of thunder and lightning. This gift is taught by the Garou's tribal totem.

Twist of Fate(Level 5 - Wolf Form)
Some Stargazer metis have used this Gift to deliver a fatal blow to unsuspecting enemies, even knowing that the cost will be their own lives. After a Garou has been dealt her own deathblow, if she invokes this Gift, she may strike her enemy once more ere she dies. It's bittersweet but often leads to an enemy falling dead alongside the metis warrior. This Gift is taught by a Cobra spirit.

Umbral Body(Level 5 - Wolf Form)
The metis body is strange. Born in a form not intended by Gaia or nature, deformed and occasionally showing signs of animals entirely unrelated to man or wolf, it is little wonder the breed has been out cast and hated. But some metis have used this body to their advantage, and it is perhaps this strangeness that allow their body to withstand the pressures this Gift inflicts. With this Gift, the metis can partially reach into the Umbra, sending certain body parts into the Umbra while maintaining others in the physical world. Doing so makes the metis difficult to hit in combat, to say the least. A Pattern spider teaches this Gift.
Once it is done the metis will have no remaining Gnosis at all.

Auspice gifts


Ragabash Gifts

Blur of the Milky Eye(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
The Garou's form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing him to pass unnoticed among others.
Once the Garou has been seen, however, this Gift is negated until the viewer has again been distracted.
This Gift is taught by a Chameleon-spirit.

Open Seal(Level 1 - Human Form)
With this Gift the Garou can open nearly any sort of closed or locked device.
This Gift is taught by a Raccoon-spirit.

Scent of Running Water(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
The Garou can completely mask her scent, making herself virtually impossible to track.
This Gift is taught by a Fox-spirit.

Sense Limits(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
The Garou can determine approximately the amount of Rage, Gnosis or Willpower within an individual.
This ability enables the Garou to judge whether or not her target can resist an attempt to influence her actions or whether she is likely to draw upon her supply of Gnosis or Rage.
This Gift also allows a Garou to gauge whether or not other supernaturals are currently weak-willed or drained of some other source of power.
For example, a Garou may be able to tell that a vampire has little power but may not realize that the Leech's blood supply is low.
This Gift also enables a Garou to sense whether an Umbral spirit's Power isweak or near depletion.
This gift is taught by Lu-Bat.

Snow Running(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
The severe winters in much of Europe can immobilize a village or greatly impair a wolf pack.
This Giftallows a werewolf to circumvent the problems caused by heavy snowfall. The Garou using this Gift can run across snow or ice as if it were solid ground, without sinking in or leaving footprints.
The Silver Fangs aresaid to have a version of this Gift that lends them more supernatural grace while treading on ice or snow,
but leaves their tracks behind. The Gift is taught by an Ice elemental.

Speed of the Messenger(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
This Gift increases the movement rate of the Garou so that he can travel long distances in short periods of time.
The character's body seems to flow like quicksilver, enabling him to accomplish astounding feats of agility while under the effects of this Gift.
Thus, the Garou can travel rapidly across a tree limbor along an arrow wooden beam without slowing down or faltering.
This gift is taught by Mitanu.

Trailblazer(Level 1 - Wolf Form)
With this Gift, the Garou can wend his way through thick underbrush as if walking on the open plains.
The Ragabash also finds the fastest trails and shortest routes from one location to another.
When used in a town or city, the Garou can still find the shortcuts through alleys and dart through crowded streets with ease.
A Crow-spirit teaches this Gift.

Alter Scent (Level 2 - Wolf Form)
The Garou can change his scent trail to evade a hunter or leave a false trail.
The Garou can reproduce any scent he has encountered, from deer to diesel trucks.
A Skunk-spirit teaches this Gift

Blissful Ignorance (Level 2 - Both Forms)
The Garou can become completely invisible to all sense, spirits or monitoring devices by remaining still.
This Gift is taught by a Chameleon- spirit.

Insult(Level 2 - Human Form)
Garou born under the New Moon are habitually really skilled at insulting others.
This Gift can, with the help of insults, send his target under a terrible rage.
For a Werewolf or a Vampire, this means a Frenzy, but this power can be used against any other people, supernatural or not.

Obscure the Truth(Level 2 - Human Form)
Not many Garou can look a Philodox in the eye and get away with bald-faced lies.
The Ragabash with this Gift has an edge over all his kin. She can calmly explain that the sky is green or gleefully regale her comrades with the exploits of a lone, heroic Ragabash and have no fear of being called on her prank.

Peace of the Counselor (Level 2 - Human Form)
This Gift enables a Garou to bring even the most heated discussion to a peaceful conclusion.
Though it does not preclude more hostilities from erupting at a later time, the Gift creates an atmosphere of temporary true among enemies or prevents tribe leaders from coming to blows over volatile issues.
During the grace period, the Garou can attempt to resolve the circumstances underlying the state of enmity - such as encouraging the participants in a dispute to begin negotiations or achieving a compromise.
This gift istaught by Lu-Bat.

Sense of the Prey (Level 2 - Wolf Form)The character, if he knows anything about his prey, can track it down as rapidly as he can travel. Thisunerring sense of direction operates anywhere, and is used to track spirits through the Umbra as well as to find beings on Earth.
This Gift is taught by a Wolf- or Dog-spirit.

Shadow Puppetry (Level 2 - Both Forms)
This strange Gift is not commonly known amongst the Garou.
The Gift allows the Garou who possesses itto effectively steal the shadow of another being, and use it to determine what they may be doing once theyhave left the Garou's presence.
This gift may be taught by Shadow or Cat spirits.

Sticky Fingers(Level 2 - Human Form)
This trick coats the fingers of a Garou with a silvery substance that adheres to anything, making it possible to climb slick vertical surfaces with ease. In addition, this Gift also assists a Garou in pilfering small items such as credit cards, keys or loose change.
This gift is taught by Mitanu.

Taking the Forgotten (Level 2 - Human Form)
Not only is the Ragabash an accomplished thief, but those from whom she steals often never realize they have been robbed.
If the character succeeds in stealing something, her victim will forget he ever possessed the stolen item.
This Gift is taught by a Mouse-spirit.

Deliberate Misinformation (Level 3 - Human Form)
The Garou can slip confusing and contrary information into his target's conversation, making their plans fall apart or otherwise causing them to suffer from a gross breakdown in communications.
Opponents in the immediate vicinity of the Garou mishear each other or misinterpret instructions.
The information affected by this Gift must be communicated verbally - either in person or through the use of a direct communication device such as a telephone or other transmission device.
This gift is taught by Mitanu.

Empty Hand (Level 3 - Human Form)
The Garou's hand may seem to grasp the air, while in reality it may hold a pistol or even a stick of dynamite.
This Gift obscures one possession for the Garou, making it completely undetectable to others.
A Raccoon-spirit teaches this Gift.

Fly Feet (Level 3 - Wolf Form)
Like an insect, the Garou can now cling to vertical surfaces.
She can walk along walls or hang from aceiling.
The adhesive grip of the Garou can even assist her when catching falling objects or seizing handholds when she is falling.
A fly-spirit, naturally, teaches this Gift.

Gremlins(Level 3 - Both Forms)
The Garou can cause a technological device to malfunction merely by touching it.
Use of this Gift actually intimidates the spirit that inhabits the device and causes it to function.
If the Garou can sufficiently frighten the spirit, it will flee the device, causing it to malfunction permanently.
This Gift is taught by a Gremlin, a type of Wyld spirit that enjoys breaking things.

Laughter (Level 3 - Human Form)
Those who learn this Gift can cause others to realize the humor of any situation - in fact, the uproarioushilarity of any situation.
This Gift is taught by Tulu the Kookaburra

Open Moon Bridge (Level 3 - Both Forms)
The Garou has the ability to open a Moon Bridge, with or without the permission of the totem of that caern.
This Gift is taught by a Lune.

Pall of Despair (Level 3 - Human Form)
This Gift inflicts a wave of despair upon a targeted individual, making the victim incapable of action due to feelings of profound melancholy.
This gift is taught by Lu-Bat.

Reynard's Lie (Level 3 - Human Form)
The Ragabash can tell the most blatant lies and have them accepted as truth, at least for a little while.
Even the most stern-faced priest or suspicious baron will believe the Garou's pleas of innocence, no matter how guilty she may be.
This Gift is taught by a Fox-spirit.

Riddle (Level 3 - Human Form)
Taking their cue from numerous trickster legends, some Ragabash love to confuse their targets with unusual quizzes and mysterious puzzles.
Those with this Gift add a little spiritual punch into the mix,slowly driving their targets mad with riddles.
A spirit servant of Sphinx teaches this Gift.

Shadow Tracking (Level 3 - Wolf Form)
Shadow Tracking allows a Garou to grapple and pin the shadow of a victim, holding it in place. If the victim flees, their shadow is stretched and lengthened, but remains pointing towards their current direction until sundown, or until the Garou lets go of the pinned shadow. This gift is taught by Shadow or cat spirits.

Silence (Level 3 - Human Form)
By invoking this Gift, the Ragabash can cause all sounds made within their presence to vanish into the Gauntlet, thus silencing the area around them.
No normal sounds may be made by anyone within the effect,including the user.

Fool's Luck(Level 4 - Both Forms)
This Gift allows the Garou to tamper with Fate - when things go catastrophically wrong for the werewolf,they can insist that there must have been some mistake.

Harmonious Slumber (Level 4 - Both Forms)
This Gift enables the Garou to create a perfect environment for sleep even in the most difficulty circumstances.
Under the influence of this Gift, the Garou receives the equivalent of eight hours of restful sleep and awakens refreshed and with his spirits revived.
This gift is taught by Lu-Bat.

Luna's Blessing (Level 4 - Wolf Form)
When the moon is visible in the night sky, silver refuse to cause the Garou aggravated wounds.
Indeed, if the moon waxes full, silver weapons may well turn on those who would wield them against the character.
This Gift is taught by a Lune.

Mercurial Messenger (Level 4 - Human Form)
This Gift enables a Garou who overhears a conversation or who is entrusted with a message to remember what she has heard.
At a later time, the Garou may repeat back verbatim everything heard over a single scene as if she had total recall.
The Gift allows the Garou to reproduce voice intonations, accents and speech patterns or mannerisms which match those of the original speaker.
In addition, the Garou can approximate the speaker's actual voice.
This gift is taught by Mitanu.

The Crawling Hand (Level 4 - Human Form)
This eerie and somewhat macabre Gift allows the Ragabash to detach their hand, allowing it to crawl off and perform tasks.
Controlling this disembodied hand requires more concentration than usual - it is an odd feeling to feel items 20 feet away at first.

Whelp Body (Level 4 - Both Forms)
With this Gift a Garou may deliver a devastating curse upon a foe's body, causing it to weaken or palsy.
Many consider the use of this power on a foe to be a declaration of unending war.
This Gift is taught by a Pain- spirit or a spirit of Disease.

Blank (Level 5 - Human Form)
Consider it a bio-electrical blackout."
That's how Pat O'Reidy described this Gift, and it remains the best description there is for it.
For a short period, everyone in the room simply goes blank.
They still stand upright (unless they were laying down to begin with, but eyes close, senses go dead, and nobody moves.
Meanwhile, the Ragabash can move about without being seen, or can take actions they otherwise couldn't.
Any actual attempt to harm someone will break the communal trance, so slitting their throat while they remain unconscious won't work.
But you could certainly pick someone up, put him in the trunk of a car,and take him elsewhere.
A spirit of electricity or an electric eel spirit teaches this Gift.

Burden of Knowledge (Level 5 - Both Forms)
The Garou floods an individual with the knowledge of all her own limitations, making the victim aware of every flaw or failing and reminding her of all the wrongs she has committed or caused.
The weight of this enlightenment can either change an individual for the better, or drive her into suicidal despair or murderous frenzy.
Few individuals survive the effect of this Gift unscathed.
This Gift can sometimes bring an errant Garou back from the edge of corruption or cause an enemy of the Garou to be "born again".
This gift istaught by Lu-Bat.

Mad thought (Level 5 - Human Form)
This trick literally makes the werewolf's foes too clever for their own good.
The Garou can cause her enemies' thought processes to speed up so radically that they literally think too rapidly to put any one plan into motion. The victim of the Gift can only stand still as his thoughts run away with him, rushing madly from one brilliant plan to another or considering all the multiple alternatives for their "next" action.
This gift is taught by Mitanu.

Steal Spirit (Level 5 - Both Forms)
The Ragabash can steal an opponent's strength of spirit or her Rage.
With her ill-gotten gains, she can pummel her drained opponent.

Tarnish the Burning Silver (Level 5 - Human)
With this Gift, a Ragabash can play the ultimate joke on those who think they are prepared to fight the Garou with silver weapons.
This Gift causes all silver in the vicinity to blacken within seconds, and loses its capability to inflict aggravated damage on shape shifters.

The Thousand Forms (Level 5 - Both Forms)
Most trickster archetypes are shape shifters and the Ragabash is no different.
The Garou with this Gift maychange herself into any animal between the sizes of a small bird and a bison.
The Garou gains all the natural abilities of that animal (flight, poison bite, etc)
She may not take the form of Wyrm-beasts (not that they would want to!), but she may take the form of mythical beasts with some extra effort.

Thieving Talons of the Magpie (Level 5 - Both Forms)
The Garou can steal the powers of others and use them herself.
These powers can be Garou Gifts, spirit Charms, vampiric Disciplines, mage Spheres, etc.
This Gift is taught by, of course, a Magpie-spirit.

Violation (Level 5 - Human Form)
Those few Garou privy to the secret of Violation well know the hate and revulsion of others.
This power requires the Garou to make physical contact with the target, but once that has happened, the victim is quickly overwhelmed by feelings of defilement.
To learn this Gift, the Garou must confront a malevolent spirit (not necessarily a Bane) in spirit combat; if he wins, he may wrest the knowledge of the Gift from it.

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Re: Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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Re: Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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Find the Portent
(Theurge Rank 1)With this Gift, a Garou can call for and receive some omen or portent which can help her determine her next course of action. The Garou must meditate for a few minutes in order to place herself in a receptivestate so that she can recognize the sign that comes to her. This gift is taught by Ruatma.

Lambent Sight
(Theurge Rank 1)This Gift allows the Garou the ability to see under circumstances where sight would normally beimpossible, such as in conditions of total darkness (inside a deep cave, for example) or if the Garou is blindfolded. This Gift provides illumination for the Garou equivalent to that of a full Moon. This gift istaught by Sokhta.

Mother's Touch
(Theurge Rank 1)The Garou is able to heal the wounds of others, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over theafflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself with the Gift. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn-spirit.

Sense Wyld(Theurge Rank 1)The Garou invoking this Gift may sense Wyld energies or spirits in the nearby area. This Gift is taught by a Wyld-spirit

Sense Wyrm (Theurge Rank 1)The Garou can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense,not a visual or olfactory image, although Garou using this Gift are likely to say, "This place stinks of theWyrm." This power requires active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Spirit Speech (Theurge Rank 1)This Gift allows the Garou to communicate with encountered spirits. The Garou is thus able to addressthem whether they wish to be addressed or not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit fromleaving. This Gift can be taught by any spirit.

Uncloak the Hidden (Theurge Rank 1)By concentrating on a person, object or area, the Garou can determine whether or not her target is hidinganything. The Garou can spot disguises, concealed weapons and wires; determine if a room containstrapdoors, hidden cameras, microphones and wire taps; or if someone lurks in a hidden passage. The Giftdoes not, however, allow the Garou to seek beneath the disguise, determine the nature of a concealedweapon or tell what lies within a hidden wall safe - this trick reveals only that a deception is present. TheGarou must concentrate on the target in order to invoke this Gift. This gift is taught by Hakahe.

Command Spirit (Theurge Rank 2)The character can manipulate encountered spirits, giving simple commands and expecting their compliance. While she cannot summon spirits by name with this Gift , she can interact with those shemeets. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.

Hidden Depths (Theurge Rank 2)This Gift allows a Garou to uncover some hidden piece of information, or to decipher some cryptic passageof text. The Gift can also enable a Garou to figure out who the real power behind the scenes is in a givensituation. This gift is taught by Ruatma.

Moonpool of Sokhta (Theurge Rank 2)This Gift enables a Garou to transform clear, standing water into a pool which offers visions of possiblefutures. Wilderness ponds, small mountain tarns, pools of clear rainwater or even basins filled with water can serve as a conduit for the images. The scenes that appear within the pool depict what might happenunless something occurs to change the course of events. The Garou must concentrate on the event (or seriesof events) to get a sense of the outcome. The pool may reflect either literal or symbolic images. This gift istaught by Sokhta.

Name the Spirit (Theurge Rank 2)The Garou is able to detect the type of approximate Trait levels (Rage, Power, etc) of a spirit. This Gift istaught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.

Shadow of the Ebon Whisperer
(Theurge Rank 2)This Gift makes the Garou as insubstantial as a shadow and as hard to see. The physical form of the Garoufades to a murky, dark shape that can slither and flow almost anywhere. Although others can use certainGifts to spot the "shadow" werewolf, anyone wishing to do so must first have a reason to suspect the presence of the Gift's user. This Gift does not function in bright daylight or in places where no shadowsexists - such as a brightly lit room (or a room in total darkness, for that matter). This gift is taught byHakahe.
: The player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Appearance + Occult (difficulty as assigned bythe Storyteller depending on the surroundings). Each success allows the character to assume the shadow-form for one scene (or one combat round); even one success can give the character the advantage of surprise in a battle.
Sight from Beyond
(Theurge Rank 2)When danger stalks the Garou, or momentous events are in the offing, visions being striking the Garouwithout warning. Her dreams are haunted by images of the Cainite elder stalking her; she begins seeingsymbols of the Wyrm wherever she looks; the sky itself opens to show her images of the glorious battle tocome. This Gift is taught by a Crow-spirit.
: Interpreting these signs is best handled through roleplaying, but the Storyteller can require theGarou to roll Wits + Occult (difficulty 7) if appropriate.
Soul Sight
(Theurge Rank 2)The Garou can bring themselves to the Periphery, and from their perceive the auras of those surroundinghim, indicating their emotional states and sometimes and supernatural origin. In the Umbra Garou can perceive the aura's of spirits, as well as Umbral travelers.
: The Garou spends one Gnosis point. For the rest of the scene he may view an individual's aurawith a Perception + Empathy roll, difficulty 7. The more successes scored, the more information gained.The Gift Aura of Confidence will mask a Garou's true aura, showing only confidence. Some aura colors arelisted here, more can be found in Vampire, page 159 and the Appendix of the Cult of Ecstasy TraditionBook.
Aura Colors

AngryRedCalmLight BlueEnragedCrimsonExcitedVioletHappyVermilionHatefulBlack LoveBlueSadSilver SpiritualGoldFrenziedRapidly rippling colorsMagic UseMyriad SparklesVampireAppropriate color is paleGarouAppropriate color is brightPossessedSpirit's aura overlays mortalsFomoriDark stain in centre of auraSource: Mark Antill
Spirit Blow
(Theurge Rank 2)A Garou using this Gift is able to 'deflect' an incoming physical blow such that it affects them spirituallyrather than physically. The attack still hits, but instead of taking physical damage the Garou loses somespiritual energy. This Gift is only useable against physical attacks (such as claws or bullet wounds), but italso works against aggravated attacks. This gift is taught by any animal that can drop a part of its body(such as a lizard does its tail) behind.
: This Gift is activated by spending a point of Willpower after an attack has been successful, but before the damage has been resolved. Instead of taking wound levels, the Garou loses as many temporarygnosis (after soak) as they would have lost wound levels. If they have less temporary gnosis than damage,the remainder is taken as wound levels.Source: Damien
Spirit Skin
(Theurge Rank 2)Generally, spirits are fairly friendly to Garou, at least ones that aren't automatically hostile to anything.That doesn't mean, however, that they treat a Garou exactly the same as they treat other spirits, and that'swhere this Gift comes in handy. By activating it within the Umbra, the Theurge disguises herself as a spirit(usually a wolf spirit) to all concerned. She still physically looks exactly like her lupus form, she simply

Purge Toxin (Theurge Rank 2)This gift was developed by the Children of Gaia eons ago, but only recently has returned to common useamong the tribe due to the increase of substance abuse among humans and the Garou themselves. Similar ineffect to the level one Fianna gift, Resist Toxin, Purge Toxin will eradicate any sort of disease, drug or other foreign substance in the body of the affected person. Note that, especially in the case of drug addicts,the gift quickly eliminates anything in the system, making the target instantly sober. Purge Toxin can evencure Wyrm-created toxins and diseases. This gift is taught by a Unicorn or Plant-spirit.

gives the impression of a spirit rather than Garou. Some Theurge have also used the Gift to throw off pursuit by hiding in a pack of wolf spirits. A chameleon spirit teaches this Gift.
: The player spends one Gnosis and rolls Appearance + Subterfuge (difficulty 6 if imitating a wolf spirit, difficulty 8 for anything else). Each success keeps the disguise in place for one hour. Whilesometimes imitating a spirit other than a wolf is useful, it should be noted that the character will stillsomehow be recognizable as themselves to those looking for them. Even though they will clearly not look like their Lupus form, something about them will still give the game away. This Gift is obviously of littleuse outside the Umbra.
Tinker's Touch
(Theurge Rank 2)The Theurge can mend a broken object with a touch, as long as the item contains metal. This Gift isespecially useful for emergency wagon repairs or for fixing guns during a siege. This gift is taught by ametal spirit.
: The player spends one Gnosis point to activate the Gift. She must place together and continuouslytouch any separated portions of the item to be mended for one turn. During which time, slipped nails slither solidly back into place, bent rifle barrels straighten, shattered blades re-form, and so forth. Items blasted to bits (such as an exploded artillery shell) are beyond the scope of Tinker's Touch. A Metal-spirit teaches thisGift.
Umbral Tether
(Theurge Rank 2; changed to Rank 1 in WW3rd edition)Although most Theurges would never admit it, even they can become lost in the spirit world from time totime. This Gift allows the werewolf to spin a spiritual line, resembling spider silk, behind her as sheexplores the Umbra. Only the Garou using the Gift can see the trail, thus increasing the Theurge'sreputation as master of the spirit world. A spider spirit teaches this gift.
: The player does not need to roll to create the trail, but must spend one Gnosis point for every hour of Umbral travel to maintain it. At dawn, the player must spend an additional Gnosis point to maintain thetrail in the physical world. Although only the werewolf using this Gift can see her trail, some Gaffling pestsoccasionally sever or alter the tail without knowing it.
(Theurge Rank 3)This is the Gift of ejecting spirits from places or objects, whether they are there voluntarily or are boundthere. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.
: If a spirit does not wish to leave, the character must make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll(difficulty of the spirit's Willpower). If the spirit has been bound to its lodging place (or into a fetish), thenthe Exorcist must make a Wits + Subterfuge roll (difficulty Cool and gain more successes than the binder didwhen tying the spirit to its location.
Hidden Heart
(Theurge Rank 3)

This Gift allows the Garou to take a dangerous piece of knowledge she possesses and lock it away in her mind so that it becomes inaccessible without a key. The concealed information cannot be taken from her through mental powers or coercion; she can neither access the information nor remember that she hassomething hidden away in her mind. Until someone speaks the trigger word, performs the appropriategesture or enacts the conditions set forth in the activation of the Gift, the Garou remains blissfully unawareof the information she has hidden from everyone - including herself. This gift is taught by Hakahe.
: Before using this Gift, the Garou must set the conditions which will cause the information to become available to her. This information should be given a trusted ally - after all, the Garou herself won'teven remember that she
a key word, much less a secret. After describing the trigger, the player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls the character's Willpower (difficulty Cool. Only one success is necessary for the Giftto take effect. The effect of the Gift lasts until the hidden information is triggered.
(Theurge Rank 3)By using this Gift, the Garou may swiftly travel across the surface of a body of water which reflects themoonlight. She can follow a river or cross a lake so long as she follows the "trail" of the moon's light. If thelight becomes obscured at any point (such as when a cloud passes across the moon), the effects of the Giftend and the Garou may have to swim or wade to shore. This gift is taught by Sokhta.
: The players rolls Dexterity + Occult. Only one success is needed for the character to gain theability to travel the "moonriver". The Garou travels across the water with supernatural speed, typicallythree times her normal movement rate. No successes on the roll indicates that the moon is either not visibleor does not shine over a body of water in the character's vicinity. A botch allows the character to getmidway through her journey before the moon's light fails, thus stranding the character in mid-stream.
Parting the Velvet Curtain
(Theurge Rank 3)This Gift allows a Garou to transport non-Garou into the Umbra. If the non-Garou wants to resist, she mustmake a resisted Willpower roll against the bearer of the Gift. This Gift can be used for physical transportthrough a reflective surface, or in combination with other Gifts, for spirit travel. While in the Umbra, thenon-Garou are connected to the Gift user by silver threads. The others brought with the Theurge leavewhen she does, or at the whim of the Theurge.
: The player must make their normal Gnosis roll and spend a Willpower point for each non-Garouor non-Kinfolk that they wish to bring with them. The Theurge can send others home before herself byspending a Willpower point.
Prophetic Vision
(Theurge Rank 3)This Gift enables the Garou to receive a vision of the future based on the study of the night sky. The visionusually reveals itself in astrological terms ("
Lu-Bat's influence suggests an attitude of acceptance towardsthe events of the next several days
" or "
The intervention of Shantar indicates that changes may occur rapidly in the near future
"). This Gift is taught by a Star spirit.
: The Garou spends one Gnosis point and rolls Wits + Enigmas (difficulty 7). The number of successes indicates how precise a vision appears to the character. A single success provides vague

information, while three of more successes allows the revelation of specific details. Storytellers shouldcouch their visions in symbols appropriate to the Incarna and matter at hand; the seer should have tointerpret the vision rather than be spoon-fed.
Pulse of the Invisible
(Theurge Rank 3)Spirits fill the world around the Garou, and none knows this better than the Theurge. Those Garou withPulse of the Invisible remain constantly aware of all that spirits do around them and can interact with themat will. While most of what occurs is barely worth watching, the Garou will be aware of any dramaticchanges. This Gift is taught by any spirit.
: If the Garou's Gnosis Dice Pool equals or exceeds the Gauntlet, he can automatically see into theUmbra. Otherwise, he must roll to pierce the Gauntlet, using Perception + Occult (difficulty of theGauntlet). Only one success is required. The effect lasts for an entire scene or until the character enters anarea with a high Gauntlet.
Quiet Mind
(Theurge Rank 3)This gift allows the user to shield their mental presence. To entities which rely on a mental 'sight' to perceive others around them, the Garou is fundamentally invisible. The gift user is not any more resistant tomental attacks once an opponent is aware that the Garou is present (for example, the Mindspeak gift relieson line of sight, and the Garou using Quiet Mind would not gain any benefits from their gift when opposingMindspeak), but it is impossible to locate a remote werewolf by mental means alone. The gift can alsoshield a Garou from certain types of scrying, at the ST's discretion. Attempts to magically or mysticallyfind the Garou from a distance can be resisted by the gift owner. Effects such as Questing Stone, which relyon a direct contact with spirits and the focus of the Rite, are not affected, but gifts such as the Uktena giftScrying may be. This gift is taught by a Raven spirit.
: By spending a Gnosis point, the character becomes effectively mentally invisible for a scene.However, to resist scrying effects, the player must roll Wits and Subterfuge against difficulty 8. Eachsuccesses cancels a success from the roll of the scyree. A roll may also be called for if the mental sight of someone searching for the user of the gift is particularly powerful or perceptive.Source: Damien
Spirit Path
(Theurge Rank 3)The Umbra can often confuse the senses of even the most perceptive tracker. The Theurge who possessesthis Gift can track a particular spirit anywhere in the spirit world. As long as the Garou knows the spirit'sname, she can find that spirit no matter which Umbral realm it takes refuge in. A cockroach-spirit can teachthis Gift.
: As long as the Garou knows the true name of the spirit, she can use this Gift. She must spend aGnosis point to be able to find the spirit. A successful Perception + Enigmas roll (difficulty Cool reveals thelocation of the errant Umbral denizen. Some Realms and certain Charms can make this Gift more difficultyto use. The Gift: Name the Spirit can be used in conjunction with Spirit Path.

Umbral Camouflage
(Theurge Rank 3)Although perfectly visible in the physical world, this Gift renders the Garou undetectable by spirits. Inconjunction with other Gifts, Umbral Camouflage can make the user vanish from all perception. Garou whouse this Gift in the Umbra might as well be someplace else entirely. A Wind-spirit teaches this Gift.
: The player spends one Gnosis point, and for the remainder of the scene, she is completely invisibleto spiritual senses. She may move about as normal but cannot make any attack actions without disruptingthe Gift. In the Umbra, the Garou becomes completely undetectable.
Umbral Tracking
(Theurge Rank 3)Usually only the Garou who creates an Umbral tether can see it. If a Theurge has this Gift, that is no longer true. This Gift is taught by a fly spirit.
: By spending one point of Gnosis, the Garou can see all active Umbral tethers around her. She doesnot know to whom the tethers belong, but can tell in what direction it extends to the Garou. If the Garouattempts to break the tether, the tether's creator knows immediately and may make a resisted Strength +Occult roll at difficulty 6 against the Garou. If the attacker gains more successes, the tether is destroyed.
(Theurge Rank 3)This Gift allows the Garou to put together seemingly random bits of information to form a tentativeanalysis of a situation and formulate a course of action. This is particularly useful in situations wheregathering concrete information is difficult or in extremely complex situations. This gift is taught byRuatma.
: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Intelligence + Enigmas (difficulty 7). Only onsuccess is necessary to make sense out of even the most confusing situation, but each additional successfurther clarifies matters. (The player may ask the Storyteller to explain to her what is actually going on in agiven scene and use that information as character knowledge).
Blank Slate
(Theurge Rank 4)The Garou can completely remove a single piece of information from her own mind or from that of another. This Gift becomes useful in situations where an individual has come across some dangerousknowledge that might lead to her death for possessing it. The Garou may not only remove the information -such as the identity of the Garou mole within a hostile group or the location of a safe house for ecoterrorists- but she may also smooth over the edges of the victim's memory so that he does not realize anything ismissing. The Garou may also use this Gift to alter her own memories in situations where she feels that thisis necessary. This gift is taught by Ruatma.
: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty of the victim'sWillpower). A single success allows the character to excise the desired piece of information. Additional

successes enable the character to make secondary adjustments to the target's memory to hide the fact thatsomething is missing.
Grasp the Beyond
(Theurge Rank 4)The Garou may take things to and from the Umbra without having to Dedicate them to herself (see Rite of Talisman Dedication, pg. 144). This includes humans and animals, both willing and unwilling. Garou oftenuse this power to take loyal Kinfolk with them on Umbral quests or to heal injured Kinfolk - both body andsoul - in mystic Glens.
: The Garou must grasp the object or person he wishes to take to the spirit world. He must thenspend a number of Willpower points: one for small items, two for larger items (swords, etc) and three for huge items (including people). He makes the usual Gnosis roll to pierce the Gauntlet and step sideways; if successful, both he and the desired object or person pass into the Umbra. An unwilling target may resistwith a Willpower roll; each success subtracts one from the Garou's successes. A Garou attempting toabduct an unwilling victim must achieve at least three successes on his Gnosis roll. Any person taken to theUmbra, unless she has the ability to step sideways, must rely on the Garou to escape, or else find an areawith a very thin Gauntlet, such as a caern. The Gauntlet rating must be 3 or lower for a victim to exit of hisown accord. If he does exit, he may not reenter the Umbra, no matter what the Gauntlet rating.
(Theurge Rank 4)This Gift allows the Garou to assume form of a small white cat (one of Sokhta's favored animals). Thisability can prove useful for getting into small places (or escaping from such) and remaining hidden. TheGarou has the senses of a cat for the duration of the Gift, including good night sight, the ability to absorbinformation through her whiskers and extreme flexibility of movement - however, she also retains the power of a full-fledged Garou, and is much more dangerous than she looks. Anyone studying the catclosely can tell that it is not a normal feline because the cat's eyes always reflect the current phase of themoon regardless of the surrounding light sources. Taught by Sokhta.
: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Dexterity + Animal Ken (difficulty 7). Each successallows the character to remain in cat form for one scene, although she can end the gift at any time beforethe duration runs out. While in cat form, the Garou retains her Lupus-form Attributes, may soak silver as if it were ordinary damage (although silver damage is still aggravated), and can inflict aggravated damagewith claw and bite attacks as usual. No successes means that the Gift fails, while a botch results in atransformation into a misshapen creature somewhere between a cat and a wolf. The character may chooseto end the Gift immediately if this happens.
Obscure the Spirit World
(Theurge Rank 4)This Gift allows the elder to confuse the minds of young Garou, making it impossible for them to stepsideways. The victims of this Gift are blind to the spirit world and all of its denizens. Quite often used as a punishment, the Gift has obvious tactical advantages when fighting other Garou. A Coyote-spirit teachesthis Gift.
: The player spends one Gnosis point for every Garou she wishes to affect. The Gauntlet increases by five for those targets. The effect lasts for one story. The Gift can affect up to five Garou at any one time.

Riddle of the Sphinx
(Theurge Rank 4)Using this Gift, the Garou can overawe the target and force the target to answer one question, per use of theGift, truthfully.
: Roll Manipulation + Intimidation, and spend one Gnosis point. Difficulty is the target'sWillpower. One success indicates a truthful answer, but more successes will illicit a more precise answer. If the question asked of the target was in the form of a riddle (a decent riddle, not just some on-the-spot madeup doggerel) than subtract 1 from the difficulty.Source: NightMare
Spirit Drain
(Theurge Rank 4)The Garou may drain power from a spirit to feed his own resolve. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.
: If the Garou succeeds in a resisted Gnosis vs. Gnosis roll while combating a spirit, the spirit losesone Power point per success for the rest of the scene. For every two points drained, the Garou gains atemporary Willpower point, but loses any exceeding her maximum at the end of the scene.
Ultimate Argument of Logic
(Theurge Rank 4)Those who speak with the Garou leave convinced of some fact might otherwise have disbelieved. If successful, the Garou can cause the target to believe implicitly in one aspect of existence (true or false) -from the "fact" that the sun revolves around the Earth to the "truism" that the wolf's inherent nature is thatof the pawn. This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.
: The Garou needs three successes on a Manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty of the target'sWits + Enigmas).
Whisper in the Dark
(Theurge Rank 4)This Gift allows the Garou to determine a fact detrimental to an individual. The Garou may then use that piece of knowledge against the target of the Gift, either by holding it over the victim's head or making theinformation public. This gift is taught by Hakahe.
: The player rolls Perception + Empathy (difficulty Cool. Each success enables her to grasp one pieceof heretofore-unknown information about the target of the Gift. Thus, a character can learn that anindividual owes millions of dollars in gambling debts, hides a murder in his past or funds a company thatsystematically pollutes the rivers in a particular state. Failure means that the character learns nothing, whilea botch provides the character with erroneous information leading to the character's possible embarrassmentor dishonor.
Bring Forth the Future
(Theurge Rank 5)This Gift allows the Garou to call upon Tambiyah to change one facet of the individual's future. The changemust be specific, such as preventing the subject of the Gift from encountering a known situation that willresult in her certain death. While this Gift does not guarantee that a foreseen future will be altered, it doesallow the Garou to attempt to avert disaster or improve an individual's lot. This gift is taught by Tambiyah.
: The player sacrifices a permanent point of Gnosis and rolls Perception + Enigmas (difficulty Cool.Only one success is necessary to effect a change in a future event. The player should explain to theStoryteller which element of the future even she wishes to alter. (For example, "I want my packmate tosurvive the coming battle against the fomori horde."). If possible, the Storyteller should arrange events sothat the change takes place exactly as stated. The Gift only affects events that will occur within the 24hours immediately following the activation of the Gift; furthermore, characters cannot ensure the death or destruction of their foes with this power. Only pleas for preservation meet with the Veiled Mother'sapproval
Diplomatic Immunity
(Theurge Rank 5)This Gift enables the Garou to walk about in the middle of a hostile group without provoking the outbreak of hostilities. The Garou can enter a caern belonging to a rival or walk openly into the middle of a group of Black Spiral Dancers in order to retrieve something or deliver a message. The Garou surrounds herself withan aura of "neutrality" that negates her enemies' or rivals' animosity long enough to accomplish her task andleave without incident. The Gift only lasts for one scene, after which all bets are off. This gift is taught byRuatma.
: The player spends a point of Willpower and rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge (difficulty Cool. Asuccessful roll allows the character to interact with a group of potential enemies for the purpose of delivering a message, retrieving an item or delivering an ultimatum.
Ebon Binding
(Theurge Rank 5)This Gift allows the Garou to take her knowledge of someone's fault, practice or secret vice and bind afitting punishment to that person. Most often, a target suffers crippling pains when he thinks of indulging inthe forbidden action. The Garou may use this Gift to prevent rapists, child molesters, murderers or traitorsfrom repeat offenses (assuming the Garou allows these individuals to live in the first place). This gift istaught by Hakahe.
: The player must sacrifice a point of permanent Gnosis and roll her Willpower (difficulty of thetarget's Willpower). Only one success is necessary to make the binding permanent.
Feral Lobotomy
(Theurge Rank 5)
With but a thought, the Garou can devolve an opponent's mind to that of an animal, effectively destroyinghis intelligence. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Griffin totem.
: The Garou spends Gnosis (see below) and rolls Wits + Empathy (difficulty of the target'sWillpower + 3 (maximum 10)). If successful, the Garou can permanently destroy a target's IntelligenceAttribute. Two Gnosis points must be spent for each point of Intelligence destroyed, and the Garou cannotdestroy more points than he rolls successes. Additionally, the target begins acting more animalistic witheach point removed.
Moon Dream
(Theurge Rank 5)The Garou petitions Sokhta to grant her a prophetic dream before she falls asleep beneath the light of themoon. She then enters a state of lucid dreaming in which she explores some potential future. The Garoumay interact with the creatures and situations she encounters in the dream and, thus, learn the possibleeffects of certain actions upon the subject of the dream. The Garou may replay the dream several times inorder to test various actions and their consequences until she awakens from the dream, eight hours late.Once the Garou has entered her Moon Dream, she may not be awakened until the full eight hours has passed. This gift is taught by Sokhta.
: The player spends a point of Gnosis and rolls Wits + Enigmas. The number of successes indicatesthe degree of control the character has over her part in the dream. The Storyteller may either take the player aside to run the dream privately or else create a scene that involves the entire troupe (particularly if thesubject of the dream also involves the character's park mates). The dream should give a reasonably accurate picture of the next two or three scenes so that the character may experiment with ways of handling thefuture, or, perhaps, changing it. No successes means that the character receives no dream while a botchgives the character an eight-hour long nightmare which she cannot remember but which results in a -1 penalty to all rolls involving Alertness.
Spirit Vessel
(Theurge Rank 5)One of the best kept secrets of the Theurge elders is the ability to channel a spirit. For a short time, Garouand spirit become one creature with the abilities of both. Usually, the Garou remains in control, adding thespirit's Charms to her repertoire - but sometimes things go awry. Elementals, especially fire elementals,understand the workings of this Gift, but metal elementals can also teach it. Banes can also teach this Gift - but at a dangerous cost.
: The player rolls her character's Gnosis and spends a Gnosis point to activate the Gift. The Rite of Summoning chart determines the difficulty of this Gift. Every success allows the Garou to use one of thespirit's Charms for up to one scene. A botch on the roll indicates that the Garou has lost control of thecombined being, or perhaps that a Bane was channeled instead of the expected spirit.
The Malleable Spirit
(Theurge Rank 5)The Garou can change a spirit's form or purpose. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.
: The Garou must best the spirit in a resisted Gnosis vs. Gnosis roll. The difficulty is based on whatthe Garou tries to accomplish (see below), while the spirit's difficulty is the Garou's Gnosis.
ChangeDifficultyCharacteristics (Willpower, Rage, Gnosis; one point changed per success)6Disposition (Friendly, Neutral, Hostile)8Type (Natural, Elemental, Bane, etc.)10

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Re: Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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Galliard Auspice Gifts

Beast Speech(Level one Garou gift):The Garou may speak to animals, from pigeons in the park to beavers at their dam or fish in the sea. This
does not change their basic reactions - a hungry tiger is still hungry and may well attack. This Gift is taught by a Nature-spirit.

Call of the Wyld(Level one Garou gift):The Garou can summon others by howling; Garou far beyond the range of hearing will sense the Call and
may come to aid. This Gift can enhance the effect of any of the normal Garou howls or can be sounded to summon specific Garou for a moot. Finally, Call of the Wyld is often used at the beginning of revels and other events, to invigorate the Garou. This Gift is taught by a Wolf- spirit.

Dream Chaster(Level one Garou gift):The Galliard can tap into the unconscious of a sleeping person and follow the course of his dreams.
Although she cannot participate, she recalls all of the dream and can view it objectively. A Dream-spirit teaches this Gift.

Earth Sense(Level one Garou gift):The Garou can feel the "aura" of an area and determine if it is healthy or blighted. For a brief instant, the
user of the Gift becomes so attuned to the land immediately around her that she can sense the pain of Wyrm-taint, the sickness of pollution or the robust energy of an unspoiled piece of wilderness. In some instances, the source of an area's pain - or the reason for its health - may reveal itself to the Garou through the use of this Gift. This gift is taught by Eshtarra or a nature spirit.

Find the Child Within(Level one Garou gift):With this Gift, a Garou can play upon an individual's instinctive response to parental authority or affection and convince that person to follow a command ("Don't leave without me") or respond favorably to a suggestion ("Let me take you somewhere safe") that they might otherwise rebuff. The target of the Gift cannot already be engaged in battle with the Gift's user or with another opponent. The Garou can, however, use this Gift to forestall an impending battle or elude a situation that might turn dangerous. This gift is taught by Tambiyah.

Memory Circle(Level one Garou gift):The Galliards are the Garou's historians, charged with committing the legends and tales of their people to
memory, perfect memory. Not all of them are particularly good at it. Thankfully, this Gift gives those Galliards a chance to make up for their weakness by planting Umbral "reminders" on their person. This Gift is taught by an elephant spirit.

Mindspeak(Level one Garou gift):Through the creation of waking dreams, the Garou can place any chosen characters into silent communion.
This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.

Primal Song(Level one Garou gift):The Galliard ingratiates himself with strangers by seeming to know all of their songs and dances. Having
heard only a few hummed bars or having glimpsed at just a movement or two, the Garou can sing along or lead the dance. Skilled musicians can create new songs appropriate to the style of the culture in question. A Songbird-spirit teaches this Gift.

Call of the Wyrm(Level two Garou gift):This dangerous Gift actually attracts creatures of the Wyrm. This Gift is usually used to create an ambush or to flush prey from hiding. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Coyote Howl(Level two Garou gift):Throughout the long, lonely night, the Galliard howls without rest. This Gift alters the sound of her howl to
resemble that of a coyote. The Coyote Howl disturbs the sleep of all those who hear it, making them edgy the next day. A Coyote-spirit teaches this Gift.

Distractions(Level two Garou gift):The Garou can make annoying yips, yelps and howls to divert the attentions of his target. This Gift is
taught by a Coyote-spirit.

Dreamspeak(Level two Garou gift):The Garou enters another's dream and can thereby affect the course of that dream. The Garou does not have to be anywhere near the target, but must know or have seen the dreamer. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.

Herb Call(Level two Garou gift):Through singing or chanting, a Garou can find helpful or medicinal plants, roots or bark even in poor areas
such as deserts. Such plants might be healing herbs, substances used in rites or tubers and other plants that provide needed sustenance. The song causes the plants to resonate from the music so that the Garou can locate them by following the sounds. This gift is taught by Eshtarra or a Nature spirit.

Mantle of the Land(Level two Garou gift):The Garou draws forth a mist or fog from water in the atmosphere. This misty mantle provides cover in which a Garou may hide herself or someone under her protection. The Gift may be used while the Garou is in motion in order to confuse pursuers by enveloping them in an obscuring fog. The mantle can also surround a Garou and her pack in order to allow them to attack from concealment or ambush. This gift is taught by Tambiyah or a water spirit.

Mimic(Level two Garou gift):The Garou can alter her voice such that she can imitate any sound or voice she has heard, including sirens,
gunshots, musical instruments or even specific quotations. The Gift does not allow the creation of new sounds, but new combinations can have interesting effects. Magpie and parrot spirits know this Gift, but learning it from them can be an embarrassing and frustrating process.

Eye of the Cobra(Level three Garou gift):With but a look, the Garou can hypnotize a target, attracting them to join his side. This Gift is taught by a Snake-spirit.

Oaksong(Level three Garou gift):By using this Gift, a Garou can communicate with inanimate objects made of wood or some other organic
substance (i.e.: something that was once alive). The objects do not actually speak, but the Garou can sense their thoughts as images or sensations. For example, a wooden can might communicate that someone had used it for wilderness travel by filling the Garou's mind with sounds of a crashing waterfall, the musty odor of bear spoor and the image of crowded undergrowth and towering pines. A straight-backed wooden chair
might allow the Garou to "see" the person who last occupied it and get a sense of the emotional state of that individual. With practice, a Garou can hold an entire wordless conversation with anything from a sturdy help rope or a mat made of woven reeds to a charred scrap of paper (made from wood pulp). This gift is taught by Eshtarra.

Scent of Distinction(Level three Garou gift):By invoking this Gift, the Galliard can gain a sense of the nature of her surroundings (influenced by the Wyrm, Weaver or Wyld), and some of the history of the area. It involves a general sniffing of the area followed by a short meditative trance. For instance, using this Gift at a caern would let the Garou know when the caern was founded, the name of the caern totem, changes in leadership and other important pieces of history about the site.

Sing the Spirits(Level three Garou gift):The earliest incantations to spirits were sung, and although the Theurges may be the chosen auspice to deal with them, the Galliards still know some songs with power in them. Such songs are many, but always have a similar construction. They begin by calling out the spirit's name, and ordering it to stay away, and finish with a threat issued against it if it doesn't. When done right, the spirit will be unable to approach the Galliard, or anyone she touches. The Gift is taught by a bird or fish spirit.

Speaking Spirit(Level three Garou gift):This calls a special spirit to the service of a Galliard. It is temporarily bound into an object. When a certain event, specified by the user, occurs, it will deliver a message. It takes its orders very seriously, but also very literally, so beware of false wording.

Song of Rage(Level three Garou gift):This Gift unleashes the Beast in others, forcing Garou to transform into Crinos form, sending vampires into frenzy and turning humans into berserkers. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine- or Wolf-spirit.

Veil of the Mother(Level three Garou gift):This Gift allows the Garou to assume a different appearance for a short period of time in order to confuse pursuers or escape detection. Primarily useful in Homid form, the Veil of the Mother alters the physical features of the face, causes the user to seem either shorter or taller by up to 6 inches and changes the body size to reflect a gain or loss of up to 30 points. This Gift does not alter the sex or age of the Garou, though itcan change skin, hair or eye color and hair texture or length. The Garou may use the Gift on herself or on another individual, usually someone she is trying to hide or draw attention from. This gift is taught by Tambiyah.

Bridge Walker(Level four Garou gift):The Galliard has the ability to create minor Moon Bridges through which she alone can travel. The Garou
travels between the ends of this Moon Bridge in one percent of the time it would take to travel that distance normally, allowing her to disappear from in front of a foe and reappear instantly behind it. Note that these Moon Bridges are not protected by Lunes and occasionally attract the interest of spirit creatures; these beings have been known to follow the Garou into the physical world. This Gift is taught by a Lune.

Lore of the Land(Level four Garou gift):By eating, smoking or otherwise taking in a portion of the land, the Garou can sense things that happened in the immediate vicinity in the past. For instance, a Garou can mix dandelions from a meadow into a salad which she eats; as a result, she realizes that a group of hunters passed through the meadow three months ago. By chewing on the bark from a tree, the Garou can learn that a surveyor for a corporation measured the land around the tree as part of a planned site for a new factory, or that someone buried a body beneath
the tree. This gift is taught by Eshtarra.

Motherly Guardian(Level four Garou gift):This Gift allows the Garou to "tag" an individual so that she can keep track of her target's health and
welfare. The Garou gains a general sense of the individual's location at all times and can sense when the target is in trouble and needs assistance. The Gift lets the Garou know what kind of aid the target needs. The Garou must concentrate on her target in order to gain these insights. The effects of the Gift remain in place for a full cycle of the moon. This gift is taught by Tambiyah.

Shadows by Fire Light(Level four Garou gift):The Garou creates interactive stories in which others take part, willingly or not. Usually this power is used at a moot when telling old stories, allowing those who take part in the story to enact the tales. However, this Gift can also be used on the unwilling, forcing them to participate in a story of the Garou's choosing. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor- spirit.

Song of the Siren(Level four Garou gift):The sound of the Garou's voice can entrance anyone who hears it. Typically, the Garou sings or howls while using this Gift, although some modern Glass Walkers have taken to poetry recital. This Gift can make an opponent pause before a fight, but can rarely stop a heated combat already in process. A songbirdspirit teaches this Gift.

Strength of the Few(Level four Garou gift):When the Garou are in need of inspiration, it is the Galliard's who provide it. In desperate times a Galliard can use this Gift to tell an exceptionally stirring tale to inspire his comrade on to the greatest of heroism.

Call for Vengeance(Level five Garou gift):When a person's crimes against Gaia have been too great, a Galliard may use this Gift to stir her brethren against him. As the Galliard howls the name of her enemy to the heavens, her cry resounds through the land. Any werewolves who hear the cry know that a great offender has just been named, and must be punished. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Earth Heal(Level five Garou gift):This Gift allows the Garou to help a piece of land recover from blight, Wyrm-taint, poisoning or some
other type of environmental disturbance. The Garou gives part of her essence to the damaged land and thus begins a process of renewal that spreads to encompass such details as purifying tainted soil, causing the growth of new plant life or purging signs of the Wyrm's corruption from the designated spot. This gift is taught by Eshtarra.

Fabric of the Mind(Level five Garou gift):Garou with this Gift can bring their imaginations to life, creating a Dream Being from the fabric of their thoughts. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.

Head Games(Level five Garou gift):Other werewolves always accuse Galliards of being manipulative and playing with their emotions, but
those Garou with the Gift of Head Games do it like nobody else. The Galliard can change and control the emotions of those to whom she speaks. She could cause someone to fall in love with her (this won't last, and the victim's love may turn into justified resentment) or cause another to befriend her (again, this won't last, but a genuine friendship could still develop). This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.

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Re: Auspice and Breeds Guide [not finished yet]

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