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Werewolf guide

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Garous, also known as werewolves are creatures with the power to shapeshift into werewolves. They are able to travel into the spiritual realms(The Umbra) and live in the physical world.(Earth). Werewolves are able to shapeshift into different forms, in this case the most common form is the hipstos form.

Werewolves today

Werewolves have changed through history. The number of garous is descreasing. Some decide to follow their duties and some decide to not, some have given up, some still fight. They have different enemies, but they are concerned most of the Wyrm. The Wyrm manifests in different ways and it can also infect other beings. The Wyrm is fighting to corrupt the world while the Garou are fighting to defend Earth. Other enemies Garou can encounter are vampires, werewolf hunters ect. Garou are similar to humans, they are in a way humans, but the werewolf part of them is considered as a power to help them defend the Earth while the Wyrm is trying to take over it by corrupting everything it can. They have feelings, but some of their feelings and desires are more intense such as hunger, the desire to fight, and feelings such as anger. That's why some werewolves find it hard to blend in, in the human world. Sometimes they can't control themselves and sometimes also the Wyrm will try to corrupt the werewolf, risking people close to him/her. Some werewolves also can choose to give up, surrender, and work for the Wyrm instead, but the garou are also loyal so something like this is not likely to happen these days, as the garou have seen what happens to the werewolves who work for the wyrm. Werewolves are on the good side, yes, but, that doesn't mean they are always good, have a good attitude, act nice, no. They act like any other human but, most of them have good intentions. Werewolves have their own way to achieve these good intentions. Garous are not the ones to get in the way of, especially when you're getting in the way of their business.

Werewolves in Red County

The story of the werewolves in Red County is quite long, and the first werewolves to have been recorded in documents have been Atehlne, and some other werewolves after such as Drake Grim as recorded in Kevin Willster's journal. The werewolves who first headed to town were not as connected to Gaia as some werewolves are, the traditions and culture of the garou were lost. One of the first successful wolf pack was Fegarri Pieda, originally created by Drake Grim. Later on his wolf pack merged with Kevin Willster's wolf pack after they settled their differences. Drake Grim and Kevin Willster fought together against what threatened the werewolf race until Willster was overthrown as a Kingos in the werewolf pack and his loyals also joined Kevin. Later on Willster and Drake faced off, and Drake was killed and Willster was injured but managed to survive. Later on Jager Arach, known as Drake's father came into town. He was different than the ordinary werewolf, and easily defeated Willister when they faced off. Willster had nowhere to turn to, he couldn't let Jager take over the werewolves in town therefore he seeked help from a werewolf known as Kevin Alymer. Alymer accepted Willster's request. Jager Arach and Kevin Alymer were different than the werewolves that had been in town so far, they were more connected to the garou culture and they introduced it to other werewolves. They were also older and had discovered their auspicies and the garou nature. Jager Arach took over Fegarri Pieda, and offered Alymer to be in second charge in the wolf pack. Alymer accepted. Kevin disapproved of Jager's ways but he decided to not interfere but teach the rest of the werewolves by giving them warnings on what they were doing wrong. The werewolves had raids against humans in Red County, and they got out of control after big sized wolves were walking around town. Due to them not being careful the F.B.I was able to find out who they were and fought them until they drove them out of the town. A lot of werewolves died, some who were careful managed to escape. There was no trace of Jager Arach or Kevin Alymer. It was said that Willster was also seen on town that day, helping a pregnant woman escape, while Alymer fought the F.B.I agents. F.B.I. F.B.I showed no mercy that night. After that event there was no trace of big sized wolves around town. The events on town caught the interest of other werewolves who settled in to examine the situation. After the events new werewolves are said to have settled in town. Fegarri Pieda is said to still have survived after Jager Arach showed up to some of those werewolves and handed over his leadership. These werewolves were known as Lucian Corvin and Sean Phelps.


A new kind of werewolf arrived to Red County known as the elders. A new werewolf pack was created by Sean Phelps called the Death Claws. Fegarri Pedia became part of an unknown tribe, with Charles Alymer in leadership of it. James Alymer somehow regained his memories, whatever was keeping his memories couldn't handle all the memories he had experienced. These events happened that changed the way things went in Red County. A person was shot on the hills near the North Rock, Palimino. The person seemed dead but later the werewolves found he wasn't. His identity was mysterious until it was later relieved. James Alymer somehow found a way to control himself even as an Ahroun even though it took him time to do so, and Charles Alymer was injured before he did so. A new werewolf showed up to Charles Alymer, Charles recognized him. He too was an elder. The two elders faced each other but Charles was injured and he ended up being locked up by this new elder, also known as Kevin. He two was an elder of the second generation. James Alymer faced him soon after but the elder was able to escape. Soon new auspice elders were made. Kevin represented one tribe while James the other. Some auspice elders decided to take the side of Kevin and some of James. Some decided to stay neutral and try to solve this conflict between the two.

Werewolf types


These are the elders of the werewolves. They are the ones to unite them in times of need, the ones who teach the rest rites, share their knowledge with them, give fetishes, tell tales and make sure things go good in the werewolf society. An elder's personality depends on their auspice as their auspice affects their personality more than it does a normal werewolf. The higher the generation the more the auspice affects their personality. That is a reason they are listened to by other werewolves, because they are willing to do their duty.

There's different kinds of elder types in Red County. The first elder, the first of the Alymers is a first generation elder, one of the first elders. The first generation elders live for a very long time, how much is unknown and even they themselves don't know. They are usually in deep slumbers, the days they were once strong are gone and the only way to awaken one of these elders is by at least five elders or strong werewolves transfering their gnosis and rage to them while they are in this deep slumber. This is a hard process. They are usually awaken in very important occasions when they are really needed, else awakening one of these elders is quite dangerous as they don't appreciate such thing. Their strength and life depends on the situation of the caerns. Since the garou are getting weaker, they are getting weaker which is causing their slumber.

Second generation elders.

A long time ago the first generation elders knew that one day they wouldn't be able to continue their duty. That is why they selected a few werewolves to turn into elders. These werewolves gained some of their powers, and also other abilities. These elders were not like the ones of the first generations, some of them even started to get in conflict with each other.

The ones who are currently in a battle with each other are Kevin William and James Alymer.

Third generation elders.

Third generation elders are the one who were loyal to the second generation elders. They are also called the auspice elders. One per auspice is chosen in Red County. These elders feel a sense of loyalty to the second generation elders. Some have mistaken this for a sense of bonding, but it's more of the loyalty. If the second generation elder does no accomplish his duty for a certain amount of time the third generation elders seek for another elder to be loyal to, or just wait till they find that second generation elder to be loyal to. They are able to teach specific rites to other garou, learn any rites that are related to them. One ability that these auspice elders have that other elder generations don't is the ability to share their gnosis between each other.

Ragabash - Sean Phelps

Rites: Accord.

Theurge - Victoria Strauchen

Rites: Any rites. They are not as good at punishment rites as Philodoxes.

Philodox - David.

Rites: Punishment rites.

Galliard - Lucian Corvin

Rites: Any rites related to their auspice, story telling, honor etc.

Ahroun - Karla Alderman

Rites: Any rites related to them.

Auspice elders and their sides.

These elders have all chosen different sides in this battle between James and Kevin.

James Alymer - Ahroun Elder

Tribe: Unknown


- We have to prepare for our worst and bring everyone together to eliminate our threat.

- Take over the other camps.

- Respect what we call humans, the ones who have not been given our power. We are all humans.

Kevin William - Ragabash Elder

Tribe: Silver Fangs

This elder is able to recruit members to Silver Fangs.

Kevin's ways.

- Only the strongest are worth being a Silver Fangs and surviving.

- Metis will do our bidding, they will be taken from their home to be our soldiers.

- Eliminate any threat, no question's asked.

- Don't respect anyone rather than us.

- We are the strongest.


Tribe: None

Constantly looking to bring peace to the garou and end the conflict between the two elders.

Elders and players.

Whoever roleplays an elder has other responsibilities as a player too. They have to be serious oocly, roleplay at their best and not for the win, not abuse their powers and be an example to other werewolves. Being an elder is a high responsibility if you don't roleplay properly, take IC things oocly, and are not polite and nice to other players when it comes to werewolf related issues you will be starting again from a level 1 werewolf account. Elders can create one guide per their own auspice.

The werewolf forms.


The garou have different forms. They are fighters in each of their forms and they are able to shift in them. This is not always the case. Some werewolves can only shift when they're enraged or they're under the full moon. This is up to the player to decide. For a werewolf to be able to change, he needs to have enough rage to do so. Some can unwillingly change after they gain a lot of rage. Rage can be in a way stored too, therefore it can allow a character to normally changed if he has acquired enough rage for the form. In VHRP, the hipstos is the easiest form to turn into, as its always been. Some can be good at storing their rage, some cannot control their shifting when they achieve rage but cannot shift in a normal situation as they're not good at storing it. How your character manages rage its up to the player.

Rage is a gift from Luna, it's what gives the werewolves the power to shift. The werewolves can gain rage by confronting an enemy, half moon, full moon. Also anger, or feelings of strength survival, revenge make it possible for a werewolf to go through a change.

These werewolf forms have been modified so they can fit VHRP.

Levels of rage you gain.


Inspiration(Depends on the level of inspiration)




Half moon

Survival(Depends on the situation)



Full moon

Feelings of anger, revenge, strength

Feelings like depression, sadness will reduce rage.


Some forms are better at some abilities than others. Even though in some forms the abilities don't change in level, they can still be more effective than the ability of another form.

The werewolf forms

Human form

The natural form of homids, and the most usual form of werewolves on Earth. The form looks like that of a normal human. This form is natural for homids because homids usually live in cities, and have a human parent. They're more familiar with humans and feel more natural around them. They're also usually raised in civilizations.

The human form does not recieve silver damage, and does not regenerate as fast as the other forms do. Werewolves cannot be noticed in this form except by scent or by supernatural powers. Even though they are not noticeable in their human form “The Curse” which is a passive state of fear, can be felt when someone is close to a werewolf. It won't cause panic, but it will cause a sort of discomfort when someone is around a werewolf. This doesn't mean that the person will be able to tell that he's a werewolf, no, you might have a similar feeling when you're noticing someone dangerous looking passing by the street.


Hipstos form

The hipstos form is the most natural form to shift in for most werewolves. Back in the days this is all werewolves could use, and all they could shift into. This form looks like that of a wolf, but bigger. Appearance depends on the abilities and their levels. This form does not look like that of a normal wolf, it looks much different. A werewolf will become aggressive when it shifts on this form but is able to control itself better than in the crinos form.

Rage required: Low/Medium

Score: 2+

Abilities: All available

Lupus form

The lupus form can only be taken for limited periods of time and only some can be able to shift in this form. To be able to shift in the lupus form a werewolf has to first shift in the Hipstos form. Then the werewolf has to control the aggressiveness in the hipstos form to be able to shift into this form and it requires more rage, as in “stored” rage to be able to shift into this form. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of determination to be able to learn on how to shift in this form therefore only a few can. That is because the werewolf needs to have “stored” rage(Stored rage is different because you don't need to go through feelings such as anger that lead to aggressiveness) and to be able to control the temper in their hipstos form.

The lupus form looks like a normal wolf.

The lupus form is the natural form for the lupuses. They're able to maintain this form for a longer period of time. It takes less time for the lupus breed to achieve this form, and they can do so easier.

Score: Permission.

Rage level: High(Stored rage to shift from hipstos to lupus)

Abilities: All abilities available.(Gifts not included.)

More effective licking power. Its smaller size allows the werewolf to be faster.

Strength and endurance are 2 less than the normal strength and endurance.


Glabro is the form a werewolf takes when he is transforming into a crinos. It cannot be used as a form someone can keep for long. The maximum form a werewolf can stay as Glabro is about 15 seconds. The use of this form is for the werewolf to be able to defend himself while transforming into the crinos form. If the werewolf is turning into the crinos form unwillingly, he/she can try and control the transformation in this form.

The metis don't need to stay as long into this form as they can shift faster into the crinos form.

(If this would be added as a normal form people would try to use their powers in human form. It might be changed later on, but this is it for now.)

Score: Permission.

Abilities: strength, speed, sniff, howl, endurance

Strength 2 less than original strength

Speed 3 less than original speed

Endurance 3 less than than original endurance.

Sniff 2 less than the original sniff


The crinos form is one of the hardest form to achieve in this server. This form has a lot of advantages as it can stand upright, can use claws, is pretty tall and big, and quite dangerous. Two achieve this form the werewolf has to plenty of rage. This is not a form werewolves use frequently. A werewolf has more trouble on controlling himself on this form. It depends on how the werewolf shifted in the first place. If he did so of anger or revenge, the werewolf will have a hard time controlling himself and staying too much in that form in that condition might lead to frenzy. If the werewolf shifted willingly into this form he can better control himself but will still have trouble doing so because the werewolf is more aggressive in this form. Shifting into this form takes a lot of energy from a werewolf.

When in the crinos form the werewolf can cause fear into others, a fear that will possibly make them either run away, depending on how prepared they are to face the werewolf.

More on this here.

No you cannot choose to be the ones who fear nothing, you're rping normal players. Only some hunters who have had previous experiences with them can maybe not be that afraid.

This does not affect supernatural beings.

The crinos form is the natural form of the metises. Metises can shift into a crinos much faster, and they can better control themselves than the other breeds in this form. Even if they shifted because of anger, they can still control themselves and it will take much longer for them to go into a frenzy while in this form.

Score: Permission.

Abilities: All available.



Note: The abilities also vary on the physical build of the form.

Abusing these forms, misusing them will get you racechanged back to human.

Being a werewolf.

Being a werewolf is not an easy task. There are advantages to it but there are also disadvantages.
Here is a list of disadvantages.

Too much rage can overwhelm a Garou and he could unwillingly shift into a werewolf. They usually shift in either the hipstos form for the homid and the lupus and the crinos form for the metis.
Too much rage can lead to frenzy if the werewolf doesn't control himself.
Other beings will feel a little uncomfortable around werewolves. This might cause some problems if they try to create a relationship with a human.
They're fighting a big fight and the werewolves are decreasing in number. Some can feel like giving up, or unhappy of that fact. Some werewolves feel that their duty is too much for them. Some don't want to be werewolves as they want to live a normal life. The rage and “The Curse” can get in the way of a normal life in town. A garou might also feel that he does not fit in civilization.
Falling in love with another werewolf can be quite difficult on a werewolf due to the litany law that werewolves should not mate together.
A werewolf can't have a good relationship with a vampire. For years they have been in conflict, and also the other werewolves can see vampires as a bad influence.

Garou in Red County.

Garou vs garou.

Garou, are known as fighters. In the modern times, the garou are divided into, tribes, and are not all united with each other. Wars, conflict among the garou are common, even though garou know well that if they're united, they are stronger. Wolf packs can be fighting each other for territory.

Garou vs humans.

Humans aren't really the garous worst enemy. While some lupuses dislike them for, cutting trees, destroying habitats, homids eel closer to them, because they've had a human parent. Humans aren't garous issue unless the Wyrm is involved. The F.B.I is also dangerous. In a way werewolves are trying to help the humans by defending the environment around them. People don't know that, nor does the F.B.I..

Garou vs vampires.

Most garous see vampires as wyrm-taint, and they are right in some cases. Vampires live off other people's blood so they are more likely not have good intentions. They believe most vampires are wyrm taint. Vampires usually live in cities, and don't mind on what garous do, but if a garou would spot a vampire it would, mostly have a hostile stance towards him/her.


Shifting takes about 3 seconds from human form to hipstos. Hipstos to lupus form can take about 5 seconds or more, depending on practice.For homids or lupuses Werewolf to Crinos can take about 10 seconds and only about 5 seconds for metises. When werewolves shift their clothes will not stay with the werewolf unless it fits the form. To not loose clothes the rite of talisman has to be used on the clothes.


Regenerative abilities

A werewolf has regenerative abilities. The werewolf can regenerate fast in his hipstos or crinos form. Werewolves can also regenerate in their homid form or lupus form but much slower.


Gifts are abilities that can be learned in the Umbra.

Items in Red County involving werewolves

To try and find these items, you might have to know they exist icly first. Then you can go and search and on.

Item: Kevin Willster's journal

Description: Willster kept a journal to keep track of the history of the werewolves. It has past information with the werewolves, names of previous werewolves and vampires, and other supernatural related information.

More items can be added later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a werewolf?

The answer is simple, you don't. You can't be turned into a werewolf, nor be embraced. To become a your character should have a werewolf gene, which or at least one garou parent. The offspring of a garou parent and a human/wolf parent doesn't always end up a garou.

How do you join the werewolf race?

Asking oocly about it, won't really help you, but it might make it worst. Fegarri Pieda usually recruits people, if they are interested in them. Now, since you can't make a werewolf, the potentials are considered as werewolves that haven't yet gone through the first change.

Why not use all the shapeshifting forms from “Werewolf The Apocalypse”?


We feel, that werewolf players in VHRP are yet not ready for us to add more forms into the werewolf race because, they haven't shown yet shown to be able to hold this responsibility. Adding these forms can result in powergaming them, and other issues. For now, we roleplay the Hipstos form. Maybe in the future, if, we can add them and see they'll just add more RP to the race, we might add them.

Werewolf elder?

There used to be an elder system before, but that was just a title. The elders now, are the werewolves who get involved, gain knowledge, learn enough rites, and actually show to be heroes of their race.

How do you learn rites?

Wolf elders can teach rites to other werewolves.

Why add Garou guides?

These guides are added, to give the race more RP options.

Is it mandatory for everyone?[u]

Yes, it is, but you don't need to learn gifts, just choose an auspice.



There's different tribes some werewolves can come from as in origin. This means that they will be used to that tribe's traditions and ways and also if they are not in a tribe currently they might still have the gifts they have learned in the previous tribe.(Each tribe has their own special gifts.)



You're not allowed to have any fetishes without asking for my OOC permission.

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Re: Werewolf guide

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Werewolf anatomy

Werewolves have different forms and each of those forms heal in different ways. They are hard to kill and it takes much more than a random shot to put them down. There's specific delicate places where a werewolf can be put down. If a bullet happens to be stuck the werewolf will not survive if he doesn't achieve treatment. This increases in wolf forms and in their wolf forms they can also use their rage to heal non aggravated wounds. There's also ways to give a werewolf aggravated wounds. Aggravated wounds will take about one week to fully heal.

While healing normal wounds the werewolf has to focus on the wounds, and that means that he/she is not able to fight. Wasting rage on the wounds also means that the werewolf would get tired.

Werewolves in their wolf form also heal pretty fast. Due to the ability of licking on how fast a wound can be healed is decreased but it would still be quite fast, as in it would take about an hour for a normal wound to heal. This is not the case if the bullet is stuck inside. The bullet can be in a way removed if rage is used but too much rage can cause a werewolf to go frenzy.

Poison does not affect werewolves. If they receive poison they will puke it out. They will puke it out which means, it will be unpleasant and might make them feel weak for.

There are a certain rare fetishes that can cause aggravated damage. There's a certain elder klaive that can cause severe damage to werewolves.


Frenzy is one of the disadvantages of a werewolf. A werewolf can't get too mad without going into a frenzy. If he's put in a frenzy they have to be put down else they will attack their packmates and so on. Every werewolf has their own kind of frenzy.

You can't go into frenzy for the fun of it. It's not a survival tool. You can't just go into frenzy whenever you like, just for it to give you extra energy. Frenzy happens involuntarily when you are either mad, have received too much damage. Also once in a frenzy the werewolf will rely on his basic instincts. Frenzy can't really be used to fight an enemy if the enemy there is not the only one in the room, unless that enemy is the cause of the rage, in case he has done something to anger the garou. After doing so the werewolf will attack other werewolves, and anyone on his sight without hesitation. Frenzy doesn't stop for a long time.
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Re: Werewolf guide

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Re: Werewolf guide

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