Emmett Still SD Application

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Emmett Still SD Application

Post by Aro on Sat Oct 29, 2011 12:27 pm

In Character

Full name: Emmett Doughly Still.

Gender: Male.

Race: Biritsh, White.

Date of Birth: 13,May,1987

Place of Birth: London,England

Current active address: I live in hotels, I move like all the time.

Available phone number(s): 1010942

Education: Law Enforcement Deegree (4 years), Merit in English and Maths. English and Maths GCSE's, Physical Education Distinction, GSCSE.

Are you currently in occupation?: No, I am just doing daily jobs.
If yes, what is your current occupation?: Fishing, taxi... Bus driving...

Have you had any previous occupations?: I worked.
If yes, what were your previous occupations?: in the film industry before, but not a high job for about 4 years.

Do you own a current valid driver license?: Yes.
If yes, has it ever been suspended?: No

Do you posses any knowledge or experience in the law enforcement area?: Yes, I have a deegree in Law Enforcement for 4 years. I can track, punish and arrest those who viloate the laws before they know it, and much more.
Have you ever been arrested?: No
If yes for what charges/crimes?: N/A

Have you ever served time in prison?: No
If yes for what charges/crimes?: N/A

Biography (Must be over 200 words):

Emmett Doughlas Still born 13,May,1987 in London,England. When I was born I was raised by my mother and father. I went to school of-course but I was rubbish. By the age of 14 I pulled my self together and started to study and learn alot. At the time we were doing our GCSE'S and Exams I was stressed, but I didint let it get to me. I got a merit and passed my English and Science GCSE's, I also passed Geography but not with a merit. I went to Six fourm and studided aobut bussiness and law there. I didint do good in bussiness but I wanted a career in Law. When I left Six fourm a year later or so I went to university to study Law Enforcement for 4 years and I got a deegree in it. I was very happy with my results in the long run. I never had any real jobs just some small jobs in the film industry, although it was a rubbish pay, I quiete enjoyed it for a while. After I left the job and was just doing small daily jobs. One night I went to my mums and dads house and they werent there. I saw windows smashed but no police or sign of anyone. I was afraid to look inside but I did. Out of no were a strange man attacked me viloently. I didint remember anything but waking up on the floor, after that I wasent much normal but I pulled my self together... Lets not get to that. There was no sign of my mum and dad anywere, I got depressed so I moved as far away as I could to palimino, Creek. I was an outsider to that country ofcourse. Now I am just living in hotels and I move often. I have a car witch I bought, a Stallion it's very nice. I found it hard to make money but I was doing good. In Creek I dsicovred that it's a place with extremley horrible drivers. I have also seen strange things, lets not get to that... In Creek I also encourted a thug at the night, as I was eating my pizza on the street. He attacked me and I got in to a fight, He pucnched me twice in the jaw, but I managed to throw a couple of fists at his face than escape. I also found out Creek was not the quitest of places at all... I dididnt really get to know alot of people. One night in Creek my mother and father contacted me by phone, I have been trying for years but they didint awenser. I was suprised they were a-live and very happy. They said we had been attacked by an armed robber, and I said the same, we talked for quiete long, they wanted to know if I was okay and so did I. Now I am just living in hotels and playing sports around in the woods, like Baseball, I dont like to drive my car to often either it wastes quiete alot of petrol.

Out of Character

Age: 14

First Name: Luci short for Luciano

Last Name (Not required to answer): N/A

Country: England

Do you have a working microphone?:Yes

Do you have Skype or Teamspeak installed? Yes.

Your server nickname: Still.

Past characters and factions: No past characters or factions N/A

How long have you been a member of this server?: I'd say a week or a week and a bit.

Have you ever been banned from this server (if yes, why)?: No.

Why do you wish to join this faction?:

Pretty basic, I just want to have something to do when I cant find or start RP. So being in the SD will probely insure that I get to do much more RP than just stnading by the bank or rolling around you know. And just because it's fun and stuff, quiete cool to learn and all.

Have you ever played on any other role play servers (if yes, which)?:

Project Reality, Los Santos Roleplay, Underground Role-Play, much more the list goes.
Do you posses any law enforcement knowledge or role play experience?: IRL I dont know much about Law Enforcement, much at all but Ye. It's pretty basic, I know enough to be a cop on a game.

Have you read the application rules?: Yes.

Any other comments: N/A

Role Play

Explain what is role play and its basics: Role play, let me set it out like this. Basically in the server you pick a character you would wish to act, RP. You haft to act as you would in real life, but based on your character, if your guy is mob your going to act boss, formal, pilot but when you get pissed of you have a real dark side, etc...

Explain what is meta game and give two different examples: Quiete alot for Metagame. Eh.. Looking at someones name on their head and saying it IC when you acutally dont know it. Mixing IC and OOC info or OOC and IC info. Asking peolpe to meet you here or there over Via PM. etc...

Explain what is power game and give two different examples: Ehm.. Forcing an action apon a-nother player. Doing impossible or supernatural actions that can not be peformed by the likes of a human.

Explain what is "gun from ass": Pulling out a gun with out a command. Correctly done like this /me digs his hand in to his pants and pulls out a 50'cal handgun and points it in the air...

Explain what is "RP to win" and give two different examples: Say like you want to be the winner or sucessful you RP every /me or /do in sucessess. Basically your RPing your actions, and all of them are sucessful and go they way you want them to.

Give an example of a good detailed role play /me: /me places his hand on the car door opening it. /me looks around as he enters the car and shuts the door carefully...

Give an example of a bad role play /me:
/me I put you on the wall. /me smokes a cig... There is lots need I go on.

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Re: Emmett Still SD Application

Post by DeRon Ellis on Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:24 am

((Believe he left the server...Respond if you're still here.))

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