*Current Available Positions*

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*Current Available Positions*

Post by Daniel Wilhelm on Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:40 am

Here will be the Identified Positions Which are available for the EMS, Each Position will have a Certain amount of Members to a Certain Job

For any and All Applicants, Use this as a guide, When applying, PLEASE, Include the name of the Position you are requesting.


Emergency Medical Team(EMT) 0/5
The Responders, Usually Use an ambulance to get to a scene if there is a call.

Emergency Response Team(ERT) 0/5
The Quicker Responders, Usually Use quicker vehicles to get to a Scene which is too far to reach by Ambulance in time to deal with a patient.

Psychological Wing 0/2
The Area of the Hospital in which the Mentally .. Disturbed patients go to speak with our Professionals

Medical Examiners 0/4
Basically the Coroner's and their Probationary Coroners. They deal with any dead, They give a Potential cause of death, while also confirming their findings

Doctors 0/3
The Doctors, They deal with any who are sick, Hurt, or Need Surgery.

Nurses 0/6
The Nurses, They help the doctors, Give them any tools they need and help them in general with surgeries and the sick, They also help the patients that Do not need intesive care and the nurses are able to help them((Both Male and Female))

[Fire Department]

Fire Brigade Chief 0/1
[i]In command of the Fire Brigade.

Fire-Fighter 0/9
Fire fighting Crew, Ready to risk their lives to help any who are caught in a blazing area.
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