Roleplaying a garou(werewolf)[Being worked on.]

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Roleplaying a garou(werewolf)[Being worked on.]

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Roleplaying as a Garou(Werewolf)



- Introduction

- Garou

- Breeds and auspicies

- Elements of roleplay

- The triat

- Rage

- More elements of roleplay

- Werewolf anatomy

- Examples

- Frequently asked questions.


Purpose of this guide.

The purpose of this guide is to help players understand the Garou roleplay better. While the first guide, is of the basics, and the essential parts, this guide goes further into explaining the garou, also giving them ideas on how to roleplay them. Failure to read that, or this guide, or failure to roleplay a werewolf properly, will lead to a race change.

For more information this site can help.

- Garou Glossary -


“The litany”

Litany is a set of laws, common knowledge to garous. This laws are IC laws, but also some of these laws such as lifting of the veil is part of the garou nature as they understand its importance. Therefore, that is why werewolves should avoid to run in public in their wolf form as it doesn't look as the normal one.

Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou
Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds
Respect the Territory of Another
Accept an Honorable Surrender
The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest of Station
Submission to Those of Higher Station
Respect for Those beneath Ye - All Are of Gaia
Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans
The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted
Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness
The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time during Peace
The Leader May Not Be Challenged during Wartime
Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated

Litany, explanations of the laws.

Garou Shall Not Mate with Garou

Garou are forbidden to mate with their own kind. Many Garou believe that this is because of the deformities and psychoses displayed by metis werewolves (and the age-old prejudice correspondingly levied against metis). But some legends tell, that the law is older and the deformed metis child is the curse and punishment to those breaking it.[3]
Werewolves must instead seek mates around either human or wolf society. Some garou argue that this law exists so that the garou focus their attention on wolf and human.[4]
This tenet embodies one of the great Garou tragedies; Moon Dancers often move audiences to tears with ballads of Garou who fell in love and could not express their passion - or who did and were torn to pieces by their outraged tribe. The existence of the Metis, however, is evidence that this law is broken all too often. There are those amongst the Garou Nation (particularly the Ragabash) who argue that, in the age of the Apocalypse this tenet should be lifted, as the Garou could swell their numbers quickly by adding large numbers of Metis to their ranks.
Combat the Wyrm Wherever It Dwells and Whenever It Breeds
The Garou were spawned, say the Galliards, to fight the Wyrm, and much of their history comprises battles between their heroes and the Wyrm's minions. Most Garou pay at least lip service to this tradition.
Respect the Territory of Another

The practice of this portion of the Litany has changed over the last few centuries; humans have spread to the extent that urinating one's territorial marking has become impractical. Instead, a Garou visitor or immigrant must first ask permission by singing the Howl of Introduction, reciting name, sept, lineage, totem and tribe. Some septs, particularly those of the Glass Walkers, also accept phone calls or even e-mails, as howling in a city may be considered a breach of the Veil.
Accept an Honorable Surrender

The Garou realize that they are a dwindling race and that intraspecies duels commonly occur. Realizing that continuous battles to the death would only advance the Wyrm's cause the Children of Gaia and Fianna incorporated this element into the Litany. In theory, a Garou combatant may end a duel by exposing her throat or presenting some other sign of formal surrender; the opponent is honor-bound to accept the surrender. The loser suffers no reduction in Renown for surrendering, although the winner may certainly gain Renown for winning.
Submission to Those of Higher Station
Garou's wolf nature practically enforces a hierarchical structure within their society. Thus the Garou have implemented the concepts of Renown and Rank. Within reason, any request by a Garou of higher Rank is to be obeyed.
The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest of Station

This portion of the Litany is much favored by the Garou elders, as well as such tribes as the Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords; it is grudgingly acquiesced to by the rest. The "kill clause" also applies to the spoils of war - thus, in theory, the prey's most powerful fetishes and the like may be garnered by the Garou with the highest renown. Wise elders are cautious with this tenet; a "great and powerful elder" who has claimed the greatest share of the kill to the exclusion of those who follow him may find that their followers reason that such a great Garou must not need the aid of his lessers.
Ye Shall Not Eat the Flesh of Humans
This portion of the Litany was first sung in the post-Impergium days; the Stargazers are believed to be responsible for its insertion. They noticed that Garou who routinely consumed human flesh often grew Wyrm-tainted; furthermore, cannibals had a hard time stalking and killing more challenging prey, such as woolly rhinos or Banes. Additionally, in these modern times, this rules serves a function similar to the "kosher" laws of the Hebrews; modern humans' chemical-laden diet makes their flesh bitter and unhealthy. The Red Talons and most other lupus Garou despise this tenet, particularly because it does not include a prohibition on the consumption of wolf-flesh. Most septs recognize that, while the consumption of wolf-flesh is not specifically outlawed in the litany, the spirit of this tenet prohibits such cannibalism as well.
Respect for Those beneath Ye - All Are of Gaia

Garou tend to think of themselves in communal terms, and they thus realize that most creatures have some sort of contribution to make toward the whole. When all is said and done, Garou were created to be the world's protectors. The chivalric ideal is much in vogue among some septs, and Garou who display a great deal of noblesse oblige may get Renown. This tenet also softens the edge of the fifth and sixth tenets.
The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted

This tenet was instituted after the Inquisition of the medieval and renaissance periods wreaked havoc upon the Garou population. This is perhaps the most inviolate portion of the Litany. There is no "reality" here - Garou are aware that both the Wyrm and the Inquisition hunt for them. Garou who disobey this edict die at the claws of their brethren. With the Delirium covering their actions, however, many Garou feel that it is difficult to breach the veil at all, and, in the case of Frenzy, breaches of the veil are sometimes unavoidable. This is yet another reason Garou often avoid cities; cities not only offer more provocation to frenzy (claustrophobia, surprise, street crime, frustration, etc.) but then a frenzy within a city will almost certainly be witnessed by humans.
Do Not Suffer Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness

In ancient days, an injured, infirm or aged Garou was simply torn to pieces by his peers. As time went on, however, it came to be considered more dignified to let such a Garou end his own life. In the age of Apocalypse, this tenet is softened; aged or infirm Garou who are still sound of mind are often allowed to survive and mentor younger Garou.
The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time during Peace
Though Garou are known for their pack mentality, this does not mean they must slavishly obey their leaders. If no immediate threat is pending, any Garou of sufficient standing may challenge another's position of leadership. A contest of some sort is usually staged. If the challenger wins, he assumes the mantle of leadership; if he loses, he must accept the leader's dictates with good grace.

Note: This law is in case there are tribes. Tribes respect the litany.
The Leader May Not Be Challenged during Wartime

Certain creatures of the Wyrm are monstrous in size and power, and no one Garou can best them. Pack tactics are vital to the Garou's success against such creatures, and obedience is vital to successful pack tactics. In battle, the word of the leader is immutable law. A Garou who disobeys a superior will be punished as soon as circumstances permit, assuming that the Garou in question and those he disobeyed survive the encounter.
Ye Shall Take No Action That Causes a Caern to Be Violated

Like the preceding clause about the Veil, this rule is fairly ironclad. The caerns are Gaia's lifeblood and if they are destroyed, the Garou will cease to exist. Even a Garou who accidentally leads an enemy to a caern is often severely punished. Even the most Ragabash cannot bring themselves to actively oppose this tenet.

Note: These laws are common sense to the garou, but not always followed as it's been a long time since it's been in place. Still the laws are important to the Garou.


The Beginning

It has been argued heavily whether the Triat or Gaia was first. However, after the Triat was set into motion, Gaia took a rest, for things were perfect in that time. This of course did not last forever. When the Triat first started showing signs of falling out of balance, Gaia turned in her slumber and awoke. Seeing that the great spirits that controlled the cosmic forces were threading to fall out of their purposes in the universal order, she felt that she would need balancers. So she took the most clever of her animals, humans, and an assortment of others and combined them, giving them each different tasks and purposes. To the wolves, the most cunning, she gave the duty of protecting her.

The Garou..

Garous, also known as werewolves are creatures with the power to shapeshift into werewolves. They are able to travel into the spiritual realms(The Umbra) and live in the physical world.(Earth).

Garou are able to learn gifts, perform, or teach rites.


Garou have different purposes, the most important one is to keep balance and defend Earth. When the Wyrm became corrupt and started spreading its corruption, the first duty of the garou became to fight it. In general they have the duty to defend this Earth, and their duties depend on their auspice.
All garou are fighters, they are designed to be fighters, the way they fight is different. Some may fight by using words, some can fight using violence, some fight by using their abilities to help others, or doing good deeds.

Roleplay ideas

Your character is a well known hero, many have heard songs about him from Galliards. As an Ahroun he defends Gaia the best way he can, destroying any wyrm-taint enemy that gets on his way.

Your character is dedicated to defending the nature. She tries to give the human society the message to, defend the nature, to stop cutting trees, abusing animals.



Auspices, are very important to garous. They represent a garous duty, and they can affect a garous personality. Each auspice is focused on a certain duty, and it develops a set of skills to garous. It's a duty Luna, has given to each garous. In folklore the moon players an important role to a werewolf, and as soon as there's a full moon, the werewolf is able to shapeshift into his wolf form. It is different for garous, the moon is important, it's important, when it comes to a garous first change.

A garous first change is the process in which the garou shapeshifts into one of his different forms, for the first time. The auspice of a garou depends on the shape of the moon the time the garou goes through his first change.

The auspices are put in order, from the auspicie with less rage, to the auspicie with the most rage.



Ragabash are the tricksters of the garou. This shouldn't be taken as a negative thing, actually, it is a very positive thing. Ragabashes play an important role in the garou society. Through their pranks, and tricks they teach good lessons, important to the other garou. They are known to be wise, courageous, stealthy and more. They can be annoying at times, but, the outcome of their pranks, is useful.


Roleplaying a Ragabash is not easy. In fact it is hard, as you have to come out with pranks, and tricks that will annoy others, but in the same time, teach them a good lesson. Ragabashes, can be entertaining, the ones, and can also be funny. Ragabash is quite an entertaining experience to roleplay.


Not available yet(It's hard to roleplay a Ragabash as mentioned before. But it rewards you with plenty of entertainment.)


( )

Theurges are the wise ones, the, ones associated with healing and are masters when it comes to using gifts, rites. They are good when it comes to dealing with spirits. They are considered as the source of wisdom when it comes to dealing with the Umbra. They often lead when trips are taken into the Umbra.


Roleplaying a Theurge can be quite entertaining. They are one of the best when it comes to rites, and learning new gifts, or creating new fetishes.

In this battle, all are heroes, but, the battle could've not been won without the Theurges. As garous fought their wyrm-taint enemies, Theurges, fought, and healed the injured comrades. They showed heroism, dedication in the battle, and that is why the garou won this battle.



Judges and arbitrators of, the garou society. Their duty is to keep balance among the garou. They are the ones garou go to, when they are trying to solve an issue, or conflict.


Roleplaying a Philodox means, your character should be peacful and well balanced too. You are the one who makes sure there's no conflict going on around, and you're the one who tries to stop the conflict between garous, as the Philodox knows, the actual enemy aren't the garou, but the Wyrm.


And the group was fighting with each other, anger, filled the atmosphere. While the rest were pushing each other, one turned into his wolf form. He growled angrily at the rest, and as he was about to charge, the rest, a deep, loud, voice was heard from the distance. “Are you fools?” The Philodox, raises a war hammer and smashes it on the wall. The group, stops fighting, the one in wolf form, whines. “Cut the fight! Listen, and listen carefully, because I won't repeat! We aren't the enemy of each other, our common enemy is the Wyrm. I don't have time, to deal with you, i I see you fight again, I will send you to the darkest reaches of the Umbra, there you will learn how to rely on each other and work together!”



Galliards, are the story tellers, story writers with deep knowledge when it comes to history. They can be good writers, good poets, good teachers, good storytellers.

The forest was silent, no sound of any creature, but a low voice could be heard. What caused the creatures to remain so silent? The voice of the Galliard remained low as the rest of the garous, were listening to him. The Galliard was telling stories, of importance. The garou opened their ears and listened with interest, they'd never hear such story, and it seemed to them they were reliving that moment of the story the Galliard was telling.


Roleplaying a Galliard can be interesting, and when it comes to roleplaying one, it can be quite unique. Galliards are the ones who, you can gather with, to hear some good stories. If you're roleplaying one, you better, be creative, and a good story teller yourself.


( )

All garous are fighters, but ahrouns excel at it. They are the auspice which will fight anything on sight, as long as there's a valid reason for it.


Roleplaying a ahroun, can be interesting to people who have characters dedicated to fighting.


What more to say about Raiden. Galliards sang songs about him, he was one good fighter. No enemy doubted he wouldn't fight back. He was a hero, and a fighter, defending Gaia till the end. There's one thing he always says. “I'm not afraid of death, I'm afraid of dying without honor. I want to take as many of them down as I can before I myself go down!”

Note: We encourage werewolves, to not just choose just one auspicie such as Ahroun, but to try out every auspicie. Also if you choose one, use its potential, try to roleplay as your character is already of that auspicie. As mentioned before, the auspicie does affect someone's personality.


Elements of roleplay.

The Wyrm

The Wyrm was once, the one keeping the balance, between the Weaver and the Wyld, but not it is corrupting, spreading that corruption all around. The Wyrm manifests in different ways. While Garou get honor while fighting, the Wyrm tries to corrupt Garous by offering them power, pleasure, money.


It is a gift of madness from Luna (the Moon) that allows the Garou to do truly spectacular things. Too much Rageis bad and will break loose in frenzy, a maddened state where the Garou loses all control, either Berserking or Foxing. In a Berserk the Garou attacks everything in sight, friend or foe. In Fox, the Garou flees in terror and will do anything to get away. 

Roleplaying rage can be very interesting. It can also be taken as a disadvantage, you'd have to control your rage, as it can lead into you shifting in your werewolf form, ready for combat. Also having too much rage can lead even into worst situations.



Garous, were cursed, when it came to breeding with their own kind, which is why, they started breeding with humans, or wolves. Wars have been fought between garou tribes on who got the most, fertile, women, of the species. When breeding with human the offspring will result in a homid, while, breeding with a wolf, the result will be a lupus.

There are cases when Garous fall in love with another Garou, or they just mate with each other. The result of it, is a metis. Originally a metis, is born in his crinos form, inside the mother's womb, while the mother is in the crinos form. Since we haven't added the other forms for the rest of the breeds, they are born as humans. We might change it, and update the guide, but for now they are born as human. Mating with a Garou is not really ethical due, due to the result of it, and in some tribes, it is even punishable(We haven't added the litany, so the storyline is modified). There's cases, the Garou parents separate, or cases the mother is forced to kill the metis after its born. Metis are born with deformities but they are not worst than the other breeds. They can be quite successful in their future. Even though its not really ethical to mate with other Garous, it happens, in cases two garou are in love with each other. Therefore, there are metises around the world.


The secret garou identity.

Not revealing the garou identity to humans is crucial. It is very important due to the human nature of being hostile to the unknown. Garous don't want a war with the humans, it'd just slow them down from their orginal purpose. Humans are more in numbers, and garous, are low in numbers, giving a even, bigger reason for garous not to reveal themselves. This doesn't mean garou are, defensless to a human attack. A war against the garou and human, would just, slow them down to fighting the Wyrm.

It's natural for a garou to hide his identity, and to do so they must use their wolf form only in times of need, the humans cannot notice their wolf form is different unless they take a real good look at it, as in study their form. Shifting in public jumping really high, using gifts in public can give the secret away. Crowds are to be avoided.

A garou should have a REALLY good reason for revealing himself. Revealing yourself to a just known girlfriend is not really a good reason. It's stupid. You put her life in danger, and the whole garou identity in danger. A real garou would not reveal his identity, to none, exceptions might be made only to really, trusted people, not just because, your character met some really good chick and wants to use his secret as a way to get her closer to her. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!)
Basically, DON'T reveal the identity, it's not a werewolf like action to do. They take this matter really seriously. Even the werewolves working for the Wyrm lay low, and don't reveal their identity.

IT is important for supernatural beings to keep themselves in secret, that's the reason they've remained a secret for so long.



Rites, are, available with the help of a spirit. Learning a rite can be done by learning the rite by another garou. Since usually wolf elders know most rites, they're the ones who usually teach rites to the other garou. After learning the rite, then you can send your garou application again, including the rite you learned.


Now, as we've noticed, these magical objects have increased. Well magic objects are also known as fetishes. They are created by trapping or convincing a spirit to get in the object. In case of convincing a spirit, a pact is made, where a garou gives gnosis in exchange for the power of the fetish. No more just randomly creating strong fetishes, creating something simple, maybe, but it is important that fetishes are rare, and hard to find, otherwise, all the fun is gone. To have a fetish created, you must find a strong enough werewolf((Level 18+ werewolf who knows the rite)), who can do it. Just randomly creating your own fetishes, is not allowed, and we're speaking about medium powered ones.

Now, there's the common question of how strong a fetish can be. The stronger the fetish the harder it is to make one. But, the powers in it, should be limited, so they can't lead to much powergame. Getting a werewolf to make you one is one of the only ways to have a fetish. It's to prevent everyone from having one.


Talens are similar to fetishes, but they are of one time use.

Garou and other species.

Garou vs garou.

Garou, are known as fighters. In the modern times, the garou are divided into, tribes, and are not all united with each other. Wars, conflict among the garou are common, even though garou know well that if they're united, they are stronger.

Garou vs humans.

Humans aren't really the garous worst enemy. While some lupuses dislike them for, cutting trees, destroying habitats, homids eel closer to them, because they've had a human parent. Humans aren't garous issue unless the Wyrm is involved.

Garou vs vampires.

Most garous see vampires as wyrm-taint, and they are right in some cases. Vampires live off other people's blood so they are more likely not have good intentions. They believe most vampires are wyrm taint. Vampires usually live in cities, and don't mind on what garous do, but if a garou would spot a vampire it would, mostly have a hostile stance towards him/her.

Werewolf Anatomy.

Wolf form.
“A werewolf in hispo form resembles that of a dire wolf. It appears to be a large, prehistoric-looking beast with great power. The hispo form is quadrupedal, however the claws are capable of massive damage similar to that of the crinos form. The hispo's jaws are stronger than Crinos jaws, and thus ravaging an opponent with even more damage. This extra damage makes this form more attractive to Lupus garou and a preferred war-form.”

In VHRP, the hipstos werewolf form is used.

The werewolf form looks similar to that of a normal wolf but it's:

Larger, huge, as described in the quote.
Sharper teeth.
Sharper claws.

Exception – Metises use the crinos form, also known as the man-wolf form. Nor form is stronger, weaker, both have their own advantages.

Human vs the wolf form.

Garous usually leave in forests, especially those of the breed lupus. If that's the case, the werewolf form is used. In the case a garou wants to blend in with his society the human form is used. The human form is able to carry silver, and it's not affected, by it, while the wolf form is affected by it. If a person is injured in his human form he will generate as fast as a human, and he'll be affected by a poison, or disease, the same way humans do. If the werewolf decides to shift into the wolf form then wounds are healed faster, and, so are poisons and, diseases.

Garou have regenerative abilities, which is why if they are poisoned, injured, they will heal faster. They don't have such ability in human form, but, if they shift to wolf form, the regenerative abilities will become available even if the damage was taken in human form. But remember, if the wound, is too severe, it won't magically heal unless a gift is used on it. The regenerative abilities are not to be exaggerated, they only start to heal faster after they are properly treated. In case a bullet is stuck in your body, it has to be taken out, before any healing can go on.

Translation for people who don't get it: For people who don't get it, then I'll translate this Dragon Ball like. You use your super sayan, only when needed, and Goku uses it responsibly.

When it comes to using gifts, not all gifts are, available to both forms. Some are only for human form, some just for the wolf form.

Garou are carnivores in their wolf form, but omnivores in their human form.

Human vs Werewolf.

Upon noticing a werewolf, in his wolf form, a human can feel fear(Very common)
The wolf form, is, scary due to how, the creature looks. Werewolves are meant to put fear into other creatures, they're simple not the usual, wolf you'd see. Plus humans fear most of the things that are a danger to them, and this creature is even, more, unknown to the human. The human can feel, like he's not able to move, or just won't move. They'd avoid forests other than just, go, and hunt them down, if they truly knew their powers. There's legends of these creatures since before. For your character to have the courage to face them, he must be well trained and well equipped, not just a random, person, who isn't trained in particular hunting these creatures. Being around one of these dire wolves, you wouldn't really approach to pet them unless you really knew what hides behind them. It takes someone really courageous or just stupid to approach them.

Werewolves, aren't fearless on their side. Humans have grown large in numbers while werewolves are much lower in numbers. Being in secret is, a very important think, that is why a werewolf would avoid it as much as possible to go into his wolf form unless really needing to. This form is used for combat, not, messing around basically. Sometimes werewolves feel more comfortable with it, they want to use this form to run around, feel free, but, public should be avoided. Werewolves know well, their secret must not be revealed. Garous are designed to defend the Earth, they don't really want a war against all the humanity in case they find out about them. They know that humans will react hostile in case they find out of their identity. A Garou who wouldn't fear this, would basically either have too much pride, or, not realise, the importance of it.Garou are also afraid of what harms them, like guns, ect. Basically, they wouldn't use their werewolf form as they could get revealed, or attacked.

Shifting process takes about 3 seconds. If a garou is killed or heavily injured, he/she will turn back to his/her human form.

Clothes, objects and shifting.(Rite of Talisman)

Unless performing a certain rite werewolves can't keep their clothes when they shapeshift into the werewolf form. The clothes rip off. Fetishes, which are magical objects, do blend with their bodies. The rite of talisman has to be taught by a person who already knows of it. Basically, you, learn it, and perform it on your clothes. It can be as simple as to touching, your clothes, and dedicating them. The idea behind it really counts. While performing the rite of talisman, your clothes, become a kind of fetish, and they also bind in your body when you form. This rite is needed to save clothes and objects, when shifting. Failure to do so, will just result on them falling off you when shifting.

“The Curse”
The curse is a passive state of fear implanted into other beings by the mere presence of a werewolf. While it usually does not cause panic or alarm, it will instill a sense of discomfort and unease to those around the garou.
(Wolf form only)

Howling is to be properly used. Howling can be a sign for backup, or you can make your own messages with it, but not putting it in the action. /wolfhowl in rythmic pattern, can mean something to some wolves, like a signal. If you're caught abusing it, doing /wolfhowl lerooooy jenkins(I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) you will be punished.

Wolf lick can lick wounds, but lick heavy RP wounds really quick, even if its lick 5. It just means it heals much faster.
Their weaknesses are not posted here to avoid metagame. But they do have weaknesses.

And this leads us to another point. The wolves roaming in public. You don't look like normal wolves, you look bigger, scarier, and unusual. Werewolves are also meant to be fighters, not, “werepuppies” who roam around the bank looking or attention, licking humans ect. No, it's not like that, and if you do so, going into crowds and comparing your cuteness with other werepuppies, it'll be considered as you not roleplaying one properly and you'll get race changed back.
If you really like staying in the wolf form, the forest is all yours. No one's there? Too bad, then, use your human form to stay in town.
For werewolves such as the Conspirator, it is possible to be tame, have an owner, but as far as I remember, Conspirator acted tame in the alleys, not just standing all day there as a wolf, near crowds, acting as she was part of the show. I am not against you keeping your form as long as you hang out in alleys, and appear to like 2 humans and avoid crowds. Just like in the old days.

Now if werewolf players want to continue roaming in public acting as werepuppies, you're getting race changed back to human. Everyone has to follow this guide, it's here to add more RP, and to clean out thingies. For those tamies who liked staying in public sitting there all day, then, sorry, more like you showed up, and it all became weird, we received complaints, and, now we'll take action to whoever continues. Now, to werewolves like Cora, who steal shoes, then there is an auspice just for you, Ragabash, but yet again, avoid crowds. Leave the people alone, you want to stay like everyone else in crowds, use the human form. Why do we put this kind of OOC rule? It's not a rule, icly, werewolves don't do that, it isn't in their nature. So it's considered as not roleplaying properly.

How to Roleplay a Garou (Examples)

Garou character examples.

Name: Raiden_Phelps

Auspice: Ragabash

Age: 18

Roleplay ideas:

1)Raiden, is, a person with an outgoing personality. He has too many things to abandon, he doesn't really care about this, so called duty offered to him by another Garou. He wants to be left alone. Before, everything was going fine, he had, friends, money, everything he needed. After going through his first change, he doesn't feel the same anymore. People avoid him,they think he's weird, Raiden, knows what he's capable of, and he tries to control his anger. He just wants to be left alone, he doesn't want to be involved with Garous, he just wants his old life back.
2)Raiden has to leave everything behind, but he accepts this new duty. He decides, to fight against the Wyrm,he understands his responsibility. With his determination to complete his duty, he manages to become a high ranked member of the Garou society. He learned new gifts, and used his potential to do good in the world. He still misses what he left behind, and feels sad to the fact, they don't treat him like they used to before.
3)Raiden is the type of guy, that, wants everything. He's a spoiled kid, in the modern human society. He has everything, video games, ecetera, and he's lazy. One day a man knocked on his door explained him, of what he was, and of his duty, Raiden seemed excited but, didn't take it seriously. It was all a game for him, nothing more. He had too much pride, thought he'd be famous, with his new found gift. He used it to revenge on his friends, and do other deeds. He was in it for himself, other Garous noticed it, and kicked him out, telling him to return when he becomes a better person. He was found by other Garous, who worked for the Wyrm, they promised him power, pleasure, and more.



Raiden has left humans he cares about. He understands them better, and he cares about the human society and the garou society. He tries to try and give the human society the message, that nature should be protected. He supports green electricity, recycling.


Raiden was raised in a wolf pack. He has a deep connection to Gaia and nature. He doesn't see humans the same way his homid garou friends see them. Humans are cutting down trees, destroying habitats, damaging the nature. He doesn't understand the human society either, took him a while to learn about how technology worked when he explored the towns and cities. They look at him like he comes from the forest, he does, but they don't know it. Raiden seems more spiritual than the rest.


Now, why leave Metis for the last you can ask. It's not just, because, I'm not putting them in order, Metises are different than the other breeds. Being a metis for Raiden was hard, among the world, garou mating with another garou, is lets say not ethical.(If based on the original books, its, a law, for most tribes, even though some tribes tolerate metis children. In VHRP we haven't added the laws of the tribes, so, we just go by, not that ethical.) Raiden had a rough childhood, his father, and mother seperated, as he was raised in a pack that found it shameful for two Garou to mate. He was disrespected as a child by other Garous, but, later on, he proved to be, like anyone else, he was different in a few ways, but that didn't stop him from, being succesful. Raiden seems to understand both human and garou society, he understands the garou society even more than some of his homid garou pack mates. His shapeshifting form is different, he is better at slashing, using his arms, and can pick up objects with those.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a werewolf?

The answer is simple, you don't. You can't be turned into a werewolf, nor be embraced. To become a your character should have a werewolf gene, which or at least one garou parent. The offspring of a garou parent and a human/wolf parent doesn't always end up a garou.

How do you join the werewolf race?

Asking oocly about it, won't really help you, but it might make it worst. Fegarri Pieda usually recruits people, if they are interested in them. Now, since you can't make a werewolf, the potentials are considered as werewolves that haven't yet gone through the first change.

Why not use all the shapeshifting forms from “Werewolf The Apocalypse”?

We feel, that werewolf players in VHRP are yet not ready for us to add more forms into the werewolf race because, they haven't shown yet shown to be able to hold this responsibility. Adding these forms can result in powergaming them, and other issues. For now, we roleplay the Hipstos form. Maybe in the future, if, we can add them and see they'll just add more RP to the race, we might add them.

Werewolf elder?

There used to be an elder system before, but that was just a title. The elders now, are the werewolves who get involved, gain knowledge, learn enough rites, and actually show to be heroes of their race.

How do you learn rites?

Level 1 rites which are easy to be taught can be taught by any Garou, but the harder the rites get(level 2+) the more experienced Garou are needed to teach them. Basically a werewolf elder, can teach the harder rites.

Why add Garou guides?

These guides are added, to give the race more RP options.

Is it mandatory for everyone?[u]

Yes, it is, but you don't need to learn gifts, just choose an auspice.
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