Rules Everyone Needs to know.[Upadated 13/08/2011]

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Rules Everyone Needs to know.[Upadated 13/08/2011]

Post by Terry Winston on Wed Jul 27, 2011 8:43 pm

All Ranks:

1.Read people their rights a simple /me Read the person there rights.
2.Make sure when arresting someone to always take full details.
3.Make sure when you have arrested someone to update the criminal records data base.
4.No drive-by of any kind.
5.Use the Rank designated vehicles.
6.Always Obey superiours.
7.When arresting always search for weapons and check licenses, Finding an ID as soon as possible also helps.
8.Always /lock and /engine Police vehicles when not in them.
9.The only people allowed to recruit Are - Sheriff/Under Sheriff/Captian. This also applies to firearms license.
10.The cruiser are for SD use only, do not use them as taxi and give people lifts.
11.The taser must be recharged, every time it is discharged.
12.Do not ignore crimes (sounds obviouse but i have had reports of police ignoring blatent crimes)
13.If you make a BOLO in game please update the BOLO forum list.
14.If an incident ocurs in the road be sure to keep traffic flowing by setting up a diversion.
15.When /jailing someone its 5 mins per offence, on the records for jail sentance put what you feel would be appropriate for the offence.
16.Do not /q Without returning any SD vehicles that you have used.


Must always be with a deputy or high when on duty.
Must use the respective skin.
Must only use the cruiser and only when told to do so.


Can only use the Cruisers
MUst wear respective skin.
May patrol freealy enless instructed otherwise.
The use of the Mp5 is for emergancies only, do not go around town with it unholstered.

lieutenants and captains
Although scriptly you can give weapon license, please make sure you always check with the sheriff or under sheriff before handing any out even if accepted on forum.
Don't use any oth the higher rank vehicles if there isnt at least two cruisers on patrol.

Police Vehicles

The only vehicles with bullet proof glass are the SWAT van and the SWAT tank.
The vehicles have reinforced bumpers.
They all have airbags.

Anyone caught not abiding by the rules will be kicked out of SD consider this the only warning, There is currently a zero tolerrance rule. You have no exscuse.

(note: any other member can think of any other note that could be added here post them under and i will add them in)

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