Vampire Material: Vampire power usage balance: Blood Pool

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Vampire Material: Vampire power usage balance: Blood Pool

Post by Sam Akabara on Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:30 pm

Each vampire has a blood pool, which affects how many powers they can use.

Maximum blood pool is determined by Generation.
Noone gets to RP lower than 6th Gen. That's TOO powerful.
Blood pool totals by generation
Generation 6: 60 Blood Pool total
Generation 7: 55 Blood Pool total
Generation 8: 50 Blood Pool total
Generation 9: 45 Blood Pool total
Generation 10: 40 Blood Pool total
Generation 11: 35 Blood Pool total
Generation 12: 30 Blood Pool total
Generation 13: 25 Blood Pool total
Generation 14: 20 Blood Pool total

Gaining back Blood:
A vampire cannot have a higher blood pool than their generation.
If a Vampires blood pool reaches 0. They will fall permanently unconscious until someone else gives them blood.

IF Your char drops below 10 Blood points, he frenzies. (Not applicable to Thin Bloods(Gens 13 and 14)) When a char frenzies. They become an unstoppable violent killer who will only stop when they drink blood. There is no way to resist this. It is uncontrollable and the character will not be able to think fo anything but killing and drinking. You must RP being instantly dangerous and violent to any Human being

Feeding returns:
A normal healthy person wil give back: 30 Blood points.
Old/Frail/Weak person: 15 Blood points.
Someone who's extremley tall: 35 Blood points.
Extremley short person: 25 Blood points.
Blood from the dead is worth less, and will return only 10 Blood points.
Think you're an almighty vampire now do you? Think again.

Blood point expenditure.

By virtue of how they are every vampire uses 5 Blood points a day just to move around.

Healing wounds:

Bruised. Not anything serious: 1 Blood point.
Hurt. Superficial damage: 2 Blood points (Getting a cut)
Injured. Minor injuries: 4 Blood points (Falling Awkwardly)
Wounded. Signifigant Damage: 8 Blood points (Being Stabbed anywhere.)
Mauled. Badly injured: 16 Blood points (Being Stabbed in the chest)
Crippled. Catastrophically injured: 25 Blood Points. (Being Shot. By a shotgun or Automatic rifle fire)
Incapacipitated. No blood in vampires body. Unable to do anything. Enters Torpor. Requires someone else to give them blood.

Power usage: - Go here. Look up your clan and then look at the disciplines for it....
Remember to consult the banned powers list...

1 Dot powers require 3 Blood points to use.

2 Dot powers require 5 Blood points to use.

3 Dot powers require 7 Blood points to use.

4 Dot powers require 9 Blood points to use.

5 Dot Powers Require 11 Blood Points to use.

6 Dot Powers require 13 Blood Points to use.

7 Dot Powers require 15 Blood Points to use.

8 Dot Powers require 17 Blood Points to use.

9 Dot powers require 19 Blood Points to use.

10 Dot powers require 21 Blood Points to use.


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