To all new vampires:

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To all new vampires:

Post by Sam Akabara on Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:53 pm

You get one week from being made a vampire to get your act together, learn the ropes and be able to RP it to an acceptable standard. If, after a week, you fail miserably/can't get it right you'll be PK'd back to human. Simple. As.That.
We don't need bad vampire Roleplayers.
Special consideration will, ofcourse, be taken for those who have put a genuine amount of effort into trying to get it right.

Aight yeah also. All vampires should have read all the crap in the guide in the guides section.
If you don't know stuff IG anymore i'mma take it that you aint read it and if y'all fuck up too many times, yer PK'd.
Don't care who you are. This applies to you.

Oh and, people wwho donor change, PM me with your clan/bloodlline.


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