Vampire Material: ~Regarding vamp powers.

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Vampire Material: ~Regarding vamp powers.

Post by Sam Akabara on Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:19 pm

First of all, any, and i mean ANY powers in the Advanced powers lists can only be used after lvl 15. Simple.
Also, if your characters generation is 10 and higher, you cannot use powers that are grade 8+
Secondly powers are meant for Vampire vs Vampire or Vampire vs Wolf Combat, and should only be used on humans in EXTREME Circumstances or if they're ghouls. Or if the person OOC agrees toyou using powers.
(Banned powers may be used on a person with their permission and clearance from moi.)
10 dot powers may not be used by players.

Regarding Blood Magic:

You May only use SEVEN Paths.
Guide for Use:

*Level One: All Levels
**Level Two: Level 5+
***Level Three: Level 9+
****Level Four: Level 17+
*****Level Five: Level 22+

Eye of the Szlachta: Possess the body of a ghoul (Except NPC Animal ghouls)
Quell the Herd: As Quell the Beast but on groups of mortals or animals
Song in the Dark: Summon huge worms from the deep earth to shift the earth, creating caverns or earthquakes
Stampede: Induce animalistic panic in a group of mortals (Unless they agree to it)
Eyes of the Forest: Make everyone in a city work towards making it your ideal city
Army of Beasts: Control all animals within a mile

The Mind Revealed: Continuously read someone's thoughts to know what they are thinking and about to do
The Flaying: Graft skin flayed with Vicissitude onto yourself, making you a perfect replica of someone else
Ecstatic Agony: The pain from wounds makes you act stronger, not weaker
Mirror Reflex: React quickly to an opponent in combat by reading their mind
Master of the Dom: Merge with a land and know everything that transpires on it while gaining power over the land and its residents
Pulse of the Canaille: Sense the attitudes, directions, and trends of groups of mortals, as well as those who may be controlling them
The Oracle's Sight: Hear and see the thoughts of everyone around you
Stealing the Mind's Eye: See and hear what a target does and even use some Disciplines through them

The Unseen Storm: Move so fast you are truly invisible
Zephyr: Move so fast that you seem to defy gravity
Paragon of Motion: Perform most physical acts without fail

Mirror's Visage: Create duplicates of oneself
Fantasy World: Place a target in a illusionary world in their mind (Only to be used for very, very, very specific RP's)
Truths of the Universe: Make a created illusion permanently real (Requires Admin permission)
Reality: Trap a victim in an alternate reality of your creation (Only to be used for CK's)

Ignore the Searing Flames: Suffer no harm from fire
Call the Great Beast : Sacrifice oneself that one of the Elder Gods might enter the world

Shattered Mirror: Twist a victim's personality into a copy of your own
Childmind: Give someone a "psychic lobotomy", reducing their Mental attributes by up to seven points (Which for us means making them a retard) (Unless the person gives OOC permission)
Restructure: Change a person's Nature
Minds of the Children: As Childmind, except affect multiple targets
Lunatic Eruption: Invoke a mad frenzy in all sentient creatures within up to several miles

Conditioning: Over time make a target a slave to your will alone
Possession: Transfer your mind into a mortal body and control their actions
Autonomic Mastery: Start, stop, or otherwise control a target's bodily functions
Command Obedience: You no longer require eye contact for Dominate, relying on skin contact or your voice (Lvl 20+ only)
Chain of Command: Should a target be made unable to obey one of your Dominate command the effect will be passed to one who can
Mass Manipulation: You can use Dominate on small groups at once
Still the Mortal Flesh: Shut down the body functions of a target (CK only)
Carry the Master's Voice: Make it so you can issue Dominate commands through a thrall
Far Mastery: You can issue Dominate commands to someone you know anywhere in the world if you know their location
Puppet Master: Override a target's mind completely and make them think and act as you

Repair the Undead Flesh: Heal aggravated damage without need of rest
Arm of Prometheus: Make one of your limbs completely indestructible for 10 minutes

Soul Stealing: remove one soul from its body (CK ONLY)
The Vitreous Path - The Nagaraja only.
The Path of Abombo -Laibon only.
The Mortuus Path - Harbingers of the Skulls only (Not going to be found in RC)
The Cenotaph Path - Not going to be found in Red County.

Resurrection: Bring a recently dead mortal back to live
Spirit Marionette: Take control of a target's soul and pantomime their actions
Renewed Vigor: Focus for a moment and heal all the wounds of a subject

Mask of a Thousand Faces: Change your appearance and mannerisms to mimic someone else (Specific RP's only)
Conceal: Hide an object independent of you up to the size of a house
Confusion of the Eye: Make a target mentally view someone else differently as with Mask of a Thousand Faces without making any visible signs to others
Cloak: Hide yourself from Auspex powers searching for you
Gemini's Mirror: Move around invisible while an image of you continues to act normally
Invisible Weapon: Hide a weapon so that it cannot be seen even when you're attacking with it
Manifold Guise: Make everyone in an area look like someone else as with Mask of a Thousand Faces, whether they want to or not
Mask of Janus: Exchange your appearance as with Mask of a Thousand Faces with someone else
Cache: Extend an Obfuscate power so that it continues after you've left the area
Veil the Legions: Hide a small army from a distance
Memories Fading Glimpse: Remove your existence from reality (CK only)

Oubliette: Lock one person in an Abyssal prison (Up to five minutes, person may not be harmed while in the prison)
Ahriman's Demesne: Blanket an area in a darkness that devours everything it touches (Small rooms only)
Enter the Abyss: Enter and leave the Abyss at any time, allowing you to teleport from shadow to shadow around the world
Tchernabog: Temporarily blot out the sun in your area (Lvl 20+Admin permission)
Banishment: Send someone to the Abyss for an extended period of time (CK only)
Obtenetration rituals:
Transubstantiation of Essence: Channel the Abyss to heal your wounds more efficiently
Into the Chasm: Pass through the Abyss to travel anywhere
Evocation of the Oubliette: Snatch a target into an abyssal prison for a number of days (Permission only)
Cry That Slays Light: Learn a syllable that blots out the sun for one hour (Lvl20+ Admin permission)

The Fist of Caine: Making brawling attacks from a few yards away
Earthshock: Send shockwaves through the earth
Might of the Heroes: Perform physical feats of mythic proportion

Spark of Rage: Provoke a group of people to frenzy
Mind Numb: Drain the people around you of motivation or incentive to act
Scourging the Instinct: Whip a crowd into a controlled frenzy (Riot RP's only)
Spark of Rage: Provoke a group of people to frenzy (Riot RP's only)
Bloodlust: Rouse your troops into an enraged horde capable of ignoring their wounds
A Perfect World: Make everyone in a city work towards making it your ideal city
Pulse of the City: Project an emotion into the residents of a city
Dream World: Project dreams and nightmares to everyone in the world

Earth Control: Travel beneath the earth
Flesh of Marble: Damage from physical attacks is halved
Spectral Body: Become incorporeal while retaining one's forms and nonphysical abilities
Dual Form: Split into two weaker versions of oneself
Body of the Sun: Transform your body into blazing indestructible fire

Condemn the Sins of the Father: Apply a lower level Quietus power to an entire lineage of vampires
Erosion: Reduce all of a target's physical attributes to zero

Mummify: Go into a torpor-like state and be nearly indestructible
Skin of the Adder: Grow hardened monstrous skin that protects you
Cheat the Scale of Anubis : Remove your heart, making you immune to staking, or remove all your organs and become nearly indestructible
Ophidian Infestation: Consume someone from the inside by snakes (CK only)
Divine Image: Take on the physical and mental strengths of a deity
Set's Curse: Transform someone's body and mind into a snake that acts as your servant (CK only)
Body of the Great Lord Set: Take on a form and powers comparable to Set's
Shadow of Apep: Become a nearly indestructible giant snake of pure darkness

Completley banned. Makes RP too confusing/Difficult.

Control: Force a target's body to move as you desire(The section of this power that involves lifting is still useable.)
Blood to Water (Revised): Turn a subject's blood into water, some other liquids as well
Blood to Water (Prerevised): Turn a subject's blood into water, some other liquids as well
The Withering of Ages: Cause a vampire to decay to their true age (CK/PK only)
Corrupt Soul (Prerevised): Give someone a new Nature
Change Mind (Prerevised): Give someone a new Demeanor
Wind Dance: If not attacking, you can dodge many times without penalty
Gaol: Turn air into an indestructible block
Path of Mercury

Vengeance of Samiel: Make a single devastating blow that cannot be avoided
Armor of Caine's Fury: Create mystical armor that protects you from harm and makes it easier to avoid fear frenzy
Aversion: Cause a crowd to greatly dislike an individual, avoiding or harassing them (Riot RP's only)

Horrid Form: Transform into the war-form zulo, the transformation takes 2 days to complete (Breaks Masquerade, use at own risk)
Ecstatic Agony: Change the pain of wounds into pleasure
Flesh Rot: Give a target a disease that eats away at their body
Transcend the Flesh: Expel foreign substances from your body or move through solid objects
Breath of the Dragon: Exhale a blast of flame
Reform Body: Recreate your body after dying
Earth's Vast Haven: Dissolve your body into the earth

And now:


Vampire Jump: Icly and rply limited to the max height each jump can go IG.

Vampire Speed: No level is faster than bullets.

Level 1: High school football runner. Not much doing at this level.

Level 2: Consistently as fast as a trained runner. Still faster than your average human.

Level 3: 20 M dash sprint champion. Consistently faster than your average human can move.
Level 4: Fast as an Olympic sprint gold medalist. Consistently And that’s jogging speed. Can, with a /coin, manage to get close enough to someone before they draw a gun, providing they’re 5 feet away or less, anything over that and they won’t stand a chance. .

Level 5: Faster than an Olympic sprint gold medalist. And that’s just while jogging. Consistently. Can, with a /coin, manage to get close enough to someone before they draw a gun, providing they’re 10 feet away or less, anything over that and they won’t stand a chance.
Vampire sniff: Same as In game.

Vampire bite: Same at all levels. Just does more damage to the person the higher it is. Somehow. Vampires can secrete venom. This makes their victims forget what happened in the last hour. This helps them drink blood without having to kill.
Vampire Strength: (Stop whining about it. You can fucking shoot them at range. Don’t let them run up to you? Don't run up to them!)

Level Example action Lift.
1 Crush a beer can. 40 lbs. 18 KG's.
2 Break a wooden chair 100 lbs. 45 KG's.
3 Break down a wooden door 250 lbs. 113 KG's.
4 Break a wooden 2’ x 4’ board. 400 lbs. 181 KG's.
5 Break through a metal fire door. 550 lbs. 249 KG's.

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Re: Vampire Material: ~Regarding vamp powers.

Post by Sam Akabara on Fri Sep 16, 2011 3:10 am

Vampire powers may now be used on humans again.

Trial basis.


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