The Garou Guide for werewolves.

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The Garou Guide for werewolves.

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The Garou Guidebook

Chapter 1: The Garou

Introduction of the Garou
A Garou is another name for a werewolf or lycan. Garou are half spirit half human supernatural beings that have a deep connection with Gaia. The Garou believe that they are the guardians of Gaia against the Weaver and the Wyrm. In this guide we will talk about the basic workings of Garou society, powers and types to help you better your understanding of this race.

Gnosis is similar to the concept of chi in Eastern societies. Gnosis is a spiritual energy that flows through the Garou, it can be used to bribe spirits, activate fetishes, use gifts or enter the Umbra. Gnosis is renewable by meditating, going to sacred sites or bargaining with spirits.

Shifting is when a Garou goes from his human form into his wolf form. The wolf form varies on breed, but all Garou look the same in human form. Clothes and fetishes meld in with the body when shifting; however other items do not and will fall to the ground, unless the proper Rite is done.

Garou Age
Garou are not immortal, but do live a very long time. They age like humans until the age of First Change, the age process then slows to 1 year for every 25 human years. A Garou's maximum life span is on average 1500 years, but most Garou are killed long before then.

The First Change
Garou usually undergo their first transformation at around the same time they go through puberty, usually 11 - 14.

Garou can be put through a very dangerous state called Frenzy, where they lose control and go berserk, attacking everything in sight. Frenzy can be triggered when a wolf goes without fresh meat for too long, a lunar eclipse happens, under too much stress or becoming too far enraged. How a Garou acts while in Frenzy depends on their breed.

Breed Frenzies
Lupus: Garou in Thrall will attack their own fallen pack mates and deliberately try to kill them.

Homid: Garou in Thrall will attempt to devour the flesh of fallen comrades and foes, engaging in cannibalism.

Metis: Garou in Thrall will rape fallen pack members and foes and engage in necrophilia.

Chapter 2: The Triat

The Triat
The Triat are the three spiritual forces that rule over the physical plain as we know it. The Triat is divided into three separate entities, each one having power over chaos, order, creation and destruction.

The entities
The Wyld: The Wyld is raw creation without order.

The Weaver : The Weaver spins creation into a pattern, creating order.

The Wyrm: The Wyrm destroys any excess order or chaos.

The Garou’s beliefs
The story is that the Weaver was overcome with madness and began trying to spin all of reality into its web, including the Wyrm. This made the Wyrm insane and its goal became not to balance the world, but to destroy it. In the eyes of some Garou the Weaver is to blame for spinning the world into a downwards spiral, while some blame the Wyrm for trying to destroy everything. Either way the Wyrm supposedly manifests itself in the form of any who seek the death of Gaia, it is the Garou’s job to destroy this evil and keep balance. Or so they say.

Chapter 3: Breeds and Auspices

A Garou's breed
The Garou unlike the vampires are able to breed, but as they can take on two forms they have three mates to choose from, either a wolf, a Garou or a human. Depending on who the offspring is sired by will decide their breed.

Breed types
Homid: These are Garou who were raised in human society, never knowing their heritage until their First Change. They often have trouble dealing with the wilderness and the spirit world. They are however deeply knowledgeable of human society and understand most technology. Homids are the most common breed.
Garou - Human.

Metis: These are the deformed and sterile offspring of two Garou. They are perhaps the best balanced of the breeds being equally likely to understand the wilderness or human technology. Additionally, their natural form is Crinos, the man-wolf form, granting them great battle prowess. They have the advantage of being raised in Garou society and thus know it’s often quirky ins and outs. Once they were the rarest of the breeds. It's a sign of how desperate things have become that in some tribes, they are more common than Lupus.
Garou - Garou.
Metis deformities are
- albino
- blind
- chitinous skin
- deaf
- fits of madness
- fragile claws/loose teeth
- hairless
- horns/hooves
- hunchback
- no sense of smell
- weak immune system
- withered limb

Lupus : These are born of wolves and have a deep primal connection to Gaia. However, they are sadly out of place in the human world, having little understanding of human society. Some never even learn to speak a human language. Most hate technology and often blame humans for all that is wrong in the world.
Garou - Wolf.

A Garou's auspice
A Garou’s auspice is decided by which face of the moon he is born under and gives them their main characteristics and nature.

The auspice
Ragabash: Those born beneath the new moon are the tricksters and fools of Garou society. They challenge the Garou's traditional ways in order to help discard traditions that are outdated. Their tricks and pranks teach wisdom and humility to those who would listen. However, most Garou have little respect for the role of the Ragabash and consider them little more than pranksters.

Theurge: Those born beneath the crescent moon are the mystics and seers of the Garou. They have a natural affinity with the spirits and can speak with them, either persuading them to join their cause or forcing them to do their bidding like sorcerers. They are often associated with healing as well.

Philodox: Those born under the half moon are the arbitrators and judges of the Garou. They are charged with keeping the traditions of the Garou. However, they also strive for balance and harmony amidst the hot tempers of Garou. They are often jacks-of-all trades and can speak with the spirits almost as well as a Theurge, yet fight just as well as an Ahroun. The Philodox are the traditional leaders of the Garou.

Galliard : Those born beneath the gibbous moon are filled with passion that bursts forth in glorious song and hot tempers. They are the warrior-bards of legend taking time out from their art to fight and from their fighting to sing rousing tales. They are often joyous and make good company, usually.

Ahroun: Those born beneath the full moon are the natural warriors of the Garou. No Garou is incompetent at fighting, but the Ahrouns excel at it. They often lead the Garou during times of war or when there are no Philodox in the pack.

Chapter 4: Abilities

The Gifts
The Garou are bestowed with Gifts that are somewhat like spells and range from many types of abilities such as creating fire to the ability to speak with animals. Each Garou has one breed Gift and auspice Gift. A Garou can change his Gift by using a Rite and meeting the requirements to learn that Gift. A * meens the Gift is used only in wolf form, a ~ meens the Gift is used in human form only.

Changing Gifts
In order for a Garou to change Gifts, a Garou must summon or find a spirit who knows the Gift he is seeking and get that spirit to somehow teach him the Gift.

Breed Gifts
~Persuasion (level One) -- This Gift allows a homid to become more persuasive when dealing with others; his statements and arguments are imbued with meaning or credibility. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Smell of Man (Level One) -- Creatures of the wild has learned well that man is often a bringer of death. With this Gift, the Garou greatly enhances the human scent around him, causing animals to feel uneasy and nervous. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Jam Technology (Level Two) -- The Garou can cause technological devices to cease functioning, although temporarily. This gift is taught by a Gremlin, a type of Wyld-spirit that enjoys breaking things.

*Stare Down (Level Two) -- By staring into the eyes of a human or animal, the Garou can cause the target to flee in teror. This Gift can be used against Garou, but the Garou will freeze in place rather than flee. This Gift is taught by a Ram-spirit or a Snake-spirit.

~Tongues (Level Three) -- This Gift allows the possessor to read and write any language encountered, even obscure or long-forgotten tongues. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Disquiet (Level Three) -- The Garou causes the subject of this Gift to feel inexplicably depressed and withdrawn. The subject will find it hard to use his anger (Rage) or concentrate effectively on tasks. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Reshape Object (Level Three) -- The Garou can instantly shape once-living material (but not undead!) into a variety of objects, thus trees may become shelter, buck antlers become spears, animal hides become armor, and flowers become perfumes. The item will in some way resemble the object from which it was created (the spear is made of antler, or wood). This Gift is taught by a

*Body Shift (level Four) -- The Garou can use its shape shifting to alter its physical Traits, like swapping a Level Three Strength for Level 2 Jump, thus becoming a Level Three Jump and Level 2 Jump. This Gift is taught by a Weaver-spirit.

*Cocoon (Level Four) -- The Garou causes a thick, cocoon to surround him. The Garou is immune to fire, starvation, gas, dehydration until the cocoon is broken. This Gift is taught by an Insect- or Weaver-spirit.

~Spirit Ward (Level Four) -- This Gift allows a Garou to protect himself from spirits by performing a quick warding rite. The Garou, by drawing an invisible pictogram into the air, scares and unnerves any nearby spirits (except the pack totem). This sign travels with the Garou wherever he goes for the duration of the gift. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

~Assimilation (Level Five) -- The Garou is able to blend smoothly into any culture, no matter how strange or alien the culture is. The Garou can slip in among Bedouin nomads as if he were one of them, or shop in a Chinese market without anyone noticing he does not belong. This Gift will not hide racial differences, but the behaviors and mannerisms of a native can be mimicked. This also allows the Garou to speak and understand the culture's language, although it will be forgotten when the gift wears off. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Create Element (Level One) -- The Garou can create a small amount of one of the four basic elements -- fire, air, earth or water. In this way, a Garou can replenish the air supply in an air tight room, make a rock to throw at someone, create a fire without matches or wood, or fill a bathtub without any faucet or pipes. Precious metals (especially silver) cannot be created, nor can lethal gases or acid. This Gift is taught by an elemental.

*Shed (Level One) -- This allows the metis to escape from grabs and holds by releasing a layer of fur. If the metis is grabbed in a successful Immobilize, law Lock, or Overbear attack. He slips from the opponent's grasp, and the opponent is left with only a handful of fur. The metis can also use this to help him squeeze through tight places, using his fur as a slick surface to ease passage. Hairless metis cannot possess this Gift. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

*Sense Wyrm (Level One) -- The Garou can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual image. This power requires active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

*Grovel (Level Two) -- By showing your throat to any Garou, you can stop them from harming you further. If successful, other Garou will instinctively cease to fight you. This does not mean they will leave you alone. They may continue to watch you and may verbally berate you, but they will not harm you as long as you do not initiate any attack. If you make an attack, the effect of this Gift wears off. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

*Burrow (Level Two) -- The Garou can burrow a tunnel into the earth. The tunnel is relatively permanent, and others can follow the Garou through it, although it is tight and only one person at a time can go through. However, no being larger than the Garou can travel the tunnel. The tunnel is not structurally sound and will collapse over time. This Gift is taught by a Mole-spirit.

Curse of Hatred (Level Two) -- The Garou may verbalize the hatred in her heart, disheartening opponents with the intensity of her emotion. This Gift is taught by a spirit of Hate.

Eyes of the Cat (Level Three) -- The Garou may see clearly in pitch darkness. The Garou's eyes will glow a lambent green while this power is in effect. This Gift is taught by a Cat-spirit.

Mental Speech (Level Three) -- The Garou may mentally communicate with another being over great distances. This does not allow mind-reading, but does allow the: Garou to use Social Abilities, such as Intimidation, from a distance. The Garou must know the person with whom he is attempting to communicate (although he does not have to be friends with that person). If he does not know the person, he must have something that belongs to that person, such as a lock of his hair. This Gift is taught by a Bird-spirit.

*Awaken Beast (Level Three) -- This is the old ability out of legends and folklore: the power to change someone else into a werewolf by biting him. The metis must also spend a Gnosis point. If successful, the Beast is awakened in the victim and he will begin to frenzy. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

*Body Shift (level Four) -- The Garou can use her shape shifting to alter her physical Traits. Like switching a level five Strength with a level 2 Jump, making your Jump level 5 and your strength level 2 or whatever combination the player desires. The effect lasts for one hour. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

*Gift of the Porcupine (Level Four) -- This Gift allows a Garou's fur to become bristly and sharp like the quills of a porcupine. This Gift is, of course, taught by a Porcupine-spirit.
Wither Limb (Level Four) -- The Garou can cause a target's limb, making it useless. Which limb is withered is the Garou's choice, but it must be an arm or leg. If the victim is a creature with regenerative properties, such as a Garou or vampire, the limb will regenerate. This Gift is taught by a venomous animal spirit or a spirit of Disease.

Madness (Level Five) -- The Garou can induce madness in others. The madness will take a form decided by the user, but should be severe. This Gift is taught either by a Lune or by a spirit of Madness or Trickery.

*Totem Gift (Level Five) -- The Garou is in touch with the totem of her tribe and can actually plead with the totem, gaining some of its power. The effects of this power is up to to the user, but should be in keeping with the totem; thus, Chimera (totem of the Stargazers) might grant the Garou increased insight or the ability to shapeshift into anything desired, while Rat (totem of the
Bone Gnawers) might send swarms of rats to attack the Garou's enemies, and Grandfather Thunder (totem of the Shadow Lords) might smite the Garou's enemies with a blast of thunder and lightning. This Gift is taught by the Garou's tribal totem.

Heightened Senses (Level One) -- The Garou may vastly increase her sensory input for a short time. This Gift is taught by Wolf-spirits.

*Find Water (Level One) -- This gift allows a Garou to locate any body of water within 20 miles. This Gift is taught by a Water-spirit.

*Sense Prey (Level One) -- This Gift allows the Garou to detect animal prey. This Gift is taught by a Wolf- or an otherwise predatory spirit.

*Sense Wyld (Level One) -- The Garou may sense Wyld energies or spirits in the nearby area. The difficulty is based on the strength of the Wyld's influence. This Gift is taught by Ancestral-spirits

*Leap of the Kangaroo (Level One) -- This Gift was originally developed by the lost Bunyip tribe. By invoking this Gift, Garou may leap incredible distances. Despite its name, this Gift is taught by Hare- or Cat-spirits.

Eye of the Eagle (Lupus Level Two) -- This gift allows the user to see long distances. This gift will not work well in the city, as buildings tend to get in the way. This Gift is taught by Eagle-spirits.

*Axis Mundi (Level Two) -- The lupus can center herself in relation to Gaia, and always know which direction she is traveling in or facing, no matter where she may be in the Gaia realms. In addition, the lupus carries her "territory" around with her, in a mystical sense. Wolves will detect this, and concede her right to travel through their territories and hunt there. Even other lupus must make a Willpower roll not to recognize this right. Other animals will also recognize this, and not attack the intruder. This Gift is taught by a spirit servent of Gaia.

*Scent of Sight (Level Two) -- The Garou can use his sense of smell to compensate completely for his eyes; thus, he could attack invisible creatures normally, or roughly navigate in absolute darkness. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Sense the Unnatural (Level Two) -- The Garou can sense any unnatural presence and determine its approximate strength and type. Supernatural presences can include: magic, spirits, the Wyrm, wraiths, Vampires, etc. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

*Cat Feet (Level Three) -- This Gift gives the Garou the agility of a cat, making him immune to falls under 100 feet (he lands on his feet just right). He also has perfect balance even on the most slippery surfaces, and is more agile. This Gift is taught by a Cat-spirit.

Name the Spirit (Level Three) -- The Garou is able to detect the type and approximate Traits
(Rage, Power, etc.) of a spirit. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.

*Tail of the Monkey (Level Three) -- The Garou has a prehensile tail. This tail can perform fine manipulation tasks, it can wrap around a tree branch and allow the Garou to hang or it can be used to hit an opponent in combat. This Gift is taught by a Monkey-spirit.

Beast Life (Level Four) -- The Garou may not only communicate with animals, but can attract and command them. If there are no animals of the sort desired in the vicinity, none can be called. This Gift is taught by any Animal-spirit.

*Venom (Level Four) -- This Gift allows the Garou to emit poison through her bite. A successful bite attack is required. The poison slowly saps the target’s stamina. This Gift is taught by a Snake-spirit.

*Gnaw (Level Four) -- The Garou may strengthen her jaws to the point that, given time, she can chew through just about anything. In addition, her jaws do more damage in combat. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

*Body Shift (level Four) -- The Garou can use her shape shifting to alter her physical Traits. Like switching a level five Strength with a level 2 Jump, making your Jump level 5 and your strength level 2 or whatever combination the player desires. The effect lasts for one hour. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Elemental Gift (Level Five) --The Garou may call upon the primal force of Gaia Herself, thereby commanding the spirits of the elements. The Garou can cause the elements to, rise up, undulate forward, and even engulf foes. This Gift summons an elemental spirit, not merely the raw matter of the elements. This Gift is taught by an elemental..

*Song of the Great Beast (Level Five) -- The Garou must be in the deep wilderness to employ this Gift. If so, he can, by howling at the sky, call one of the Great Beasts -- the ancient creatures that used to walk the Earth in ages past -- to his aid. Examples of Beasts are the Sasquatch ( Bigfoot), the Willawau (giant owl), the Yeti, the great megalodon sharks that swam the seas eons ago, and other legendary creatures. Who knows -- there are rumors of surviving dinosaurs in the deep Congo. This Gift is taught by a Nature-spirit.

Boon of the Animal Fathers (Lupus Level Five)-By entreaty to a specific Animal Father, the Garou can gain that specific animal totem. If the Garou entreaties Father Moose, the Garou can gain Moose as his totem, gaining all the benefits as if she were allied to that totem. This does not give the special powers granted by the metis gift Totem Gift, only the regular benefits of a totem alliance. The Animal Fathers are believed to be different, more specific, aspects of the animal totems. This gift only works with totems that embody "real" animals; Unicorn or Pegasus cannot be entreated with this gift. This gift is taught by Ancestor-spirits.

Auspice Gifts
Inspiration (Level One) Other werewolves look to the Ahroun for leadership in combat. The Gift of inspiration is one reason. The Garou with this Gift lends new resolve and righteous anger to his brethren. This Gift is taught by a Lion- or Wolf-spirit.

*Razor Claws (Level One) The Garou may hone his claws to razor sharpness. This Gift is taught by a Cat- or Wolf-spirit.

*The Falling Touch (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to send her foe sprawling with but a touch. This Gift is taught by any aerial spirit.

Sense Silver (Level Two) Ahroun are the Garou least concerned by humans, but even the greatest can be brought low by silver weapons. Thus, the Ahroun have learned to sense when they need to be worried. This Gift is taught by a Lune.

*Spirit of the Fray (Level Two) The Garou may opt to attack first in an un armed fight, no matter what his Speed is. This Gift is taught by a Cat-spirit.

*True Fear (Level Two) The Ahroun can display the true extent of her power, scaring one chosen foe into quiescence for 5 seconds once they have made eye contact. This Gift is taught by a spirit associated with fear.

Heart of Fury (Level Three) The Garou can steel himself against anger, suppressing his rage and creating a mental damn against the explosive frenzies of his race. This anger will eventually catch up with him, so he must vent it before it breaks free in frenzy. This Gift is taught by a Lion- or Wolf-spirit.

*Silver Claws (Level Three) The Garou can turn her claws into silver, making her a terror against other Garou on the battlefield. This Gift is taught by a Lune.

*Clenched Jaw (Level Four) The Garou's jaw can become a grip of steel, clamping down on a foe and not releasing it until the Garou chooses. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Stoking Furies Furnace (Level Four) The Garou is especially connected to his inner anger. He does not have more control than others, but is simply more familiar with using his Rage. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine-spirit.

*Kiss of Helios (Level Five) The Garou becomes immune to the damaging effects of fire, though artificial forms like napalm and gas fires can still harm him. Additionally, the Garou is able to ignite small parts of his body and keep them burning for extended periods. Most commonly the Garou light his mane during rituals, but he even also light claws, fangs, arms or whatever. These flames are approximately as intense as those of a torch. This Gift is taught by a fire elemental or Sun-spirit.

Strength of Will (Level Five) Garou would follow an Ahroun with Strength of Will to the gates of Hell itself if that were what it took. Werewolves with this Gift inspire their comrades with their own forces of will. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit or an Incarna avatar.

Alter Scent (Level One) The Garou can change one scent into another (such as replace his scent with that of a badger) or copy anothers scent. This Gift is taught by a Skunk-spirit.

*Blur of the Milky Eye (Level One) The Garous form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing him to pass unnoticed among others. Once the Garou has been seen, however, this Gift is negated until the viewer has again been distracted. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon-spirit.

~Open Seal (Level One) With this Gift the Garou can open nearly any sort of closed or locked device. This Gift is taught by a Raccoon-spirit.

Scent of Running Water (Level One) The Garou can completely mask her scent, making her virtually impossible to track. This Gift is taught by a Fox-spirit.

*Blissful Ignorance (Level Two) The Garou can become completely invisible to all senses, spirits or monitoring devices by remaining still. This Gift is taught by a Chameleon-spirit.

*Sense of the Prey (Level Two) The character, if he knows anything about his prey, can track it down as rapidly as he can travel. This unerring sense of direction operates anywhere, and is used to track spirits through the Umbra as well as to find beings on Earth. This Gift is taught by a Wolf- or Dog-spirit.

~Taking the Forgotten (Level Two) Not only is the Ragabash an accomplished thief, but those from whom she steals often never realize they have been robbed. If the character succeeds in stealing something, her victim will forget he ever possessed the stolen item. This Gift is taught by a Mouse-spirit.

~Gremlins (Level Three) The Garou can cause a technological device to malfunction merely by touching it. Use of this Gift actually intimidates the spirit that inhabits the device and causes it to malfunction. This Gift is taught by a Gremlin, a type of Wyld spirit that enjoys breaking things.

*Open Moon Bridge (Level Three) The Garou has the ability to open a Moon Bridge, with or without the permission of the totem of that caern. This gift is taught by an Ancestral-spirit.

*Tail of the Monkey (Level Three) -- The Garou has a prehensile tail. This tail can perform fine manipulation tasks, it can wrap around a tree branch and allow the Garou to hang or it can be used to hit an opponent in combat. This Gift is taught by a Monkey-spirit.

*Luna’s Blessing (Level Four) When the moon is visible in the night sky, silver refuses to cause the Garou aggravated wounds. This Gift is taught by a Lune.

Whelp Body (Level Four) With this Gift a Garou may deliver a devastating curse upon a foes body, causing it to weaken or palsy for one hour. Many consider the use of this power on a foe to be a declaration of unendng war. This Gift is taught by a Pain-spirit or a spirit of Disease.

*Thieving Talons of the Magpie (Level Five) The Garou can steal the powers of others and use them herself for thirty minutes. These powers can be Garou Gifts, spirit Charms, vampiric Disciplines, mage Spheres, etc. This Gift is taught by, of course, a Magpie-spirit.

Violation (Level Five) Those few Garou privies to the secret of Violation well know the hate and revulsion of others. This power requires the Garou to make physical contact with the target, but once that has happened; the victim is quickly overwhelmed by feelings of defilement. To learn this Gift, the Garou must confront a malevolent spirit (not necessarily a Bane) in spirit combat; if he wins, he may wrest the knowledge of this Gift from it.

~Mothers Touch (Level One) The Garou is able to heal the wounds of others, aggravated or otherwise, simply by laying hands over the afflicted area. The Garou may not heal herself with this Gift. This Gift is taught by a Unicorn-spirit.

Sense Wyrm (Level One) The Garou can sense manifestations of the Wyrm in the nearby area. This Gift involves a mystical sense, not a visual or olfactory image, although Garou using this Gift are likely to say, "This place reeks of the Wyrm." This power requires active concentration. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Spirit Speech (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to communicate with encountered spirits. The Garou is thus able to address them whether they wish to be addressed or not. Of course, nothing (usually) prevents the spirit from leaving. This Gift can be taught by any spirit.

Command Spirit (Level Two) The character can manipulate encountered spirits, giving simple commands and expecting their compliance. While she cannot summon spirits by name with this Gift, she can interact with those she meets. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.

Name the Spirit (Level Two) The Garou is able to detect the type and approximate Trait levels (Rage, Power, etc.) of a spirit. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.

*Sight from Beyond (Level Two) When danger stalks the Garou, or momentous events are in the offing, visions begin striking the Garou without warning. Her dreams are haunted by images of the Cainite elder stalking her; she begins seeing symbols of the Wyrm wherever she looks; the sky itself opens to show her images of the glorious battle to come. This Gift is taught by a Crow-spirit.

Exorcism (Level Three) This is the Gift of ejecting spirits from places or objects, whether they are there voluntarily or are bound there. This Gift is taught by any Incarna avatar.

Pulse of the Invisible (Level Three) Spirits fills the world around the Garou, and none know this better than the Theurge. Those Garou with Pulse of the Invisible remain constantly aware of all that spirits do around them and can interact with them at will. While most of what occurs is barely worth watching, the Garou will be aware of any dramatic changes. This Gift is taught by any spirit.

Grasp the Beyond (Level Four) The Garou may take things to and from the Umbra without having to Dedicate them to herself. This includes humans and animals, both willing and unwilling. Garou often use this power to take loyal Kinfolk with them on Umbral quests or to heal injured Kinfolk both body and soul in mystic Glens. This Gift is taught by any spirit.

Spirit Drain (Level Four) The Garou may drain power from a spirit to feed his own resolve. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Uktena totem.

~Ultimate Argument of Logic (Level Four) Those who speak with the Garou leave convinced of some fact they might otherwise have disbelieved. If successful, the Garou can cause the target to believe implicitly in one aspect of existence (true of false) from the "fact" that the sun revolves around the Earth to the "truism" that the wolves’ inherent natures are that of the pawn. This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.

Feral Lobotomy (Level Five) With but a thought, the Garou can devolve an opponent’s mind to that of an animal, effectively destroying his intelligence for 15 minutes. This Gift is taught by a spirit servant of the Griffin totem.

Beast Speech (Level One) The Garou may speak to animals, from pigeons in the park to beavers at their dam or fish in the sea. This does not change their basic reactions a hungry tiger is still hungry and may well attack. This Gift is taught by a Nature-spirit.

*Call of the Wyld (Level One) The Garou can summon others by howling; Garou far beyond the range of hearing will sense the Call and may come to aid. This Gift can enhance the effect of any of the normal Garou howls. This howl can also be sounded to summon specific Garou for a moot. Finally, Call of the Wyld is often used at the beginning of revels and other events, to invigorate the Garou. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

Mind Speak (Level One) Through the creation of waking dreams, the Garou can place any chosen characters into silent communion. All those included in the dream may interact normally through the Mind Speak, though they can inflect no damage through it. Their real bodies can still act. The Mind Speak ends when all the participants want it to. The beings affected must be within line of sight. This gift is taught by a Chimerling.

Call of the Wyrm (Level Two) This dangerous Gift actually attracts creatures of the Wyrm. This Gift is usually used to create an ambush or to flush prey from hiding. This gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

*Distractions (Level Two) The Garou can make annoying yips, yelps and howls to divert the attention of his target. This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.

Dream Speak (Level Two) The Garou enters anothers dream and can thereby affect the course of that dream. The Garou does not have to be anywhere near the target, but must know or have seen the dreamer. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.

*Eye of the Cobra (Level Three) With but a look, the Garou can attract anyone to his side. This Gift is taught by a Snake-spirit.

Song of Rage (Level Three) This Gift unleashes the Beast in others, forcing Garou and vampires into frenzy and turning humans into berserkers. This Gift is taught by a Wolverine- or Wolf-spirit.

*Bridge Walker (Level Four) The Galliard has the ability to create minor Moon Bridges through which she alone can travel. The Garou travels between the ends of this moon Bridge in one percent of the time it would to travel that distance normally, allowing her to disappear from in front of a foe and reappear instantly behind it. Note that these Moon Bridges are not protected by Lunes and occasionally attract the interest of spirit creatures; these beings have been known to follow the Garou into the physical world This Gift is taught by a Lune.

~Shadows by the Fire Light (Level Four) The Garou creates interactive stories which others take part, willingly or not. Usually this power is used at a moot when telling old stories, allowing those who take part in the story to enact the tales. However, this Gift can also be sued on the unwilling, forcing them to participate in a story of the Garous choosing. This Gift is taught by an Ancestor-spirit.

Fabric of the Mind (Level Five) Garou with this Gift can bring their imaginations to life, creating a Dream Being from the fabric of their thought. This Gift is taught by a Chimerling.

Head Games (Level Five) Other werewolves always accuse Galliards of being manipulative and playing with their emotions, but those Garou with the Gift of Head Games do it like nobody else. The Galliard can chance and control the emotions of those to whom she speaks. She could cause someone to fall in love with her (this won’t last, and the victims love may turn into justified resentment) or cause another to befriend her (again, this won’t last, but a genuine friendship could still develop). This Gift is taught by a Coyote-spirit.

*Resist Pain (Level One) Through force of will, the Garou is able to ignore the pain of his wounds and continue acting normally for 30 seconds. This Gift is taught by a Bear-spirit.

*Scent of the True Form (Level One) This Gift allows the Garou to determine what a subject really is. This information is conveyed as an olfactory sensation it is actually a scent of the targets true nature. This Gift is taught by any spirit servant of Gaia.

Truth of Gaia (Level One) Philodox, as judges of the Litany, has the ability to sense whether others have spoken truth of falsehood. This Gift is taught by a Falcon or Gaffling-spirit.

Call to Duty (Level Two) The Garou can summon spirits if she knows their names, and may give them one command. Only one command may be given; after it is carried out, the spirits will depart. Spirit names can be discovered either through personal acquaintance of the Gift: Name the Spirit (Lupus and Theurge). This Gift is taught by an Incarna avatar.

King of the Beasts (Level Two) Specific animals, generally ones with which the Garou regularly associates; follow his command willingly and unconditionally. They understand him and want to help. This Gift is taught by a Lion- or Falcon-spirit.

Strength of Purpose (Level Two) Some Garou feel so strongly about their place in the pack, the tribe and the world that they can draw on this resolve in times of need. The Garou can pull new resolve from his deepest reserves. This Gift is taught by a Wolf-spirit.

~Weak Arm (Level Three) Philodox are more attuned to others than are most Garou. Accordingly, they can use this perceptiveness against their foes. Merely watching an opponent’s fighting style lets the Garou determine its strengths and weaknesses. This Gift is taught a Snake- or Wind-spirit.

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways (Level Three) All Garou have innate connections to their ancestors, a form of racial unconscious accessible through intense meditation. The Garou, by tapping into these deep memories, can remember ancient facts and lore. This Gift is taught by a Garou Ancestor-spirit.

*Roll Over (Level Four) The Garou has such a commanding presence that those encountered readily submit to her. Should she succeed in a test of wills, she dominates her foe, causing humans to fall to their knees, wolves to roll on their backs, etc. This Gift is taught by a Lion- or Wolf-spirit.

*Scent of Beyond (Level Four) The Garou can bring all his senses to bear on one spot (even an Umbral site) with which he is familiar, no matter how far away that spot is. The Garou senses the site from a point of view as if he were standing in the middle of the area being scanned. This Gift is taught by a Bird-spirit.

Geas (Level Five) Geas causes others to do a Garou’s bidding, though the Geas-layer cannot make the targets act contrary to their basic instincts. Thus, she could send a group on a quest, but could not make its members attack and try to kill each other unless they were psychotics or werewolves. This Gift is taught by an Incarna spirit.

Wall of Granite (Level Five) Philodox have a stronger relationship with the elementals of the earth than do other Garou, for just as the earth upholds those upon it, the Philodox uphold their peoples ways. While in contact with earth or rock, the Philodox can invoke a wall to protect himself. This wall will move with the Garou, defending him from all angles. This Gift is taught by earth elementals.

Chapter 5: Rites

The Rites
Rites are ceremonies that can only be taught by elder wolves. Rites are used to communicate with spirits, create, punish or enter the world known as the Umbra having different results depending on the rite. There are several categories of rites and they are as follows.

Types of Rites
Rites of Accord are designed to bring harmony and/or balance to a Garou or to Gaia and purification, renewal by bringing the target of the ritual through a symbolic rebirth from Gaia's womb.

• Rite of Cleansing (Level 1): This is to purify a person, place or object and cleanse it from Wyrm-taint to make it safe for use by any and all. A circle is drawn by the Rite’s master in the dirt, walking counter clockwise around the infectious object with a lit torch/smoldering branch, then a branch of either willow or birch dipped in either pure water or snow to sprinkle on the afflicted object.
• Rite of Contrition (Level 1): Most commonly used to prevent animosity between Garou, spirits, or anyone else of the shifter nation; this is a formal apology that is very handy for any Theurge to know in the event they manage to offend a spirit by accident. It is highly recommended (though not required) that other auspices learn this one as well to apologize to whomever they've offended. The enactor drops to their belly and slides forward; the neck exposed with offers of a small gift may be better received than one without.
• Rite of Renunciation (Level 2): Rare, but it happens. Garou reject their auspice and choose a new one, performed under the face of Luna that they wish to embrace. Many who do this are viewed with a new suspicion, and members of certain tribes tend to distrust the Garou who has undergone this as doing so is a grave insult to Luna. There are reasons other than just an auspice shift that can trigger such a ritual, resulting in loss of tribe and name; rejecting your tribe in this fashion is a severe insult to your tribal totem.

Caern Rites are designed to provide defense, renewal, and opening of Gaia's sacred places. If these didn't exist, her Great Warriors (Garou) would lose their ferocity in battle and tire of war.

• Moot Rite (Level 1): It is said that moots cannot be opened until after the caern has been granted Gnosis, and all present must form a circle and replenish the Caern's Heart. This ritual must be performed at least once a month for maximum effectiveness.
• Rite of the Opened Caern (Level 1): Caerns are places that have a beneficial power associated with them. They could be of rage, Enigmas, Strength, etc. If one is knowledgeable enough to tap into the power of the caern and use it themselves, then that is what "opens" the caern; though bear in mind doing so is no easy feat, as most will not release their secrets easily. If a Rite’s master fails to pass the Heart's challenge, or otherwise fails to prove they are competent enough to handle such power properly, it can and will do serious damage to the Garou nation as a whole.
• Rite of the Badger's Burrow (Level 4): This rite is to connect the guardians of a caern with their bawn, to make their connection so strong they can sense everything going on within its boundaries. Drugs have been known to enhance this effect by the Glass Walkers and Wendigo, but most tribes discourage this practice.
• Rite of the Opened Bridge (Level 4): "Hey, I wonder where this leads..." Well, okay. You probably don't want to find out, but usually it is a method of getting from one caern to another. It basically opens a moon bridge between two caerns, making travel somewhat easier. Most of these require a moon gem or path stone in order to function, and establishes a spiritual connection through the caern spirits so that the two septs may visit one another freely. This connection must be renewed every 13 months or so for maximum effectiveness.
• Rite of the Shrouded Glen (Level 4): This causes a segment of Umbra to become invisible to any other portion of the spirit realm. The most common practice for such a ritual is to hide the caern heart, in efforts to prevent it from becoming tainted or a hive.
• Rite of Caern Building (Level 5): This is perhaps the most powerful rite concerning caerns, because its function creates a permanent caern by thinning the Gauntlet in order to bring the Realm and Umbra closer together, however it has been known to draw the attention of the Wyrm and prove to be a fatal undertaking.

Death may be a source of fear for many; however, true warriors of Gaia need not fear knowing that they die protecting the Great Mother in the endless struggle against the Wyrm. The circle of life continues: You're born, you fulfill your duty to Gaia, you die, you are reborn once more.

• Gathering for the Departed (Level 1): Enacted in honor of the newly dead, pack mates of the slain werewolf will in some way share tales of renowned for their fallen comrade. A long howl usually accompanies this, and the exact form of this rite has no particular form -- so long as the companion's departure is acknowledged, it doesn't matter what tribe you're from.
• Rite of the Winter Wolf (Level 3): "I need your help, Luke. She needs your help. I'm getting too old for this sort of thing." --- Obi Wan Kenobi Ever wondered why Kenobi kills himself in A New Hope? He knows he's going to die once he's fulfilled his purpose, and becomes one with the Force. The same sort of idea holds true for Garou -- A tenant of the Litany is Suffer Not Thy People to Tend Your Sickness, which (loosely translated) means "I've become too old and am too wounded to help you now, so I'm going to go ask you all to watch me kill myself." There must be at least 3 Garou present to witness this event, and it must always be done at night. Immediately after the suicide, the sept performs the Gathering for the Departed (see above.) Whatever weapon is used to kill the Garou has to be silver, but doesn't have to be a klaive.

Mystic Rites put a Garou into direct contact with Umbral or spiritual beings. These can be performed solo.

• Baptism of Fire (Level 1): Many tribes (not all, but most) use this to track down all children born to the tribe's Kinfolk within one month of their birth to see if they, too, are Garou. The search has been known to involve the gift Scent of the True Form. Garou found in this manner are "baptized" under their aspect of Luna beside a ritual fire. In the presence of a Kin-Fetch, the babe is then held up to baske in Luna's glow while the Garou performing the baptism howls Gaia's greeting to the newborn, then in which time the Kin-Fetch kisses the infant; creating a spiritual brand that is recognized by Garou and Black Spiral Dancers alike.
• Rite of the Questing Stone (Level 1): A Garou can find a person or object, but in order to find it he must know the name of the individual or object he's looking for. A small stone or needle must be dangled from a thread while concentrating on the item or person sought.
• Rite of Talisman Dedication (Level 1): Allows for the binding of objects to the body, such as clothing, backpacks, and other common mundane items so that when you shift or go into the Umbra with these things, you don't lose them. Fetishes and talens don't use this rite, as they shift or go Umbral with you automatically.
• Rite of Binding (Level 1): Binding a spirit to a Garou is a difficult process if the spirit you want is a really powerful one. Garou only bind spirits to them when needed, and having a spirit for a servant only works for a short amount of time. Most spirits don't want to be bound, and most Garou don't want to bind spirits.
• Rite of Becoming (Level 2): Upon completion, it enables them travel into the Deep Umbra. Commonly, this rite requires the Garou make a braid from 3 of their hairs, 3 pieces of fine copper wire and 3 tendrils of a vine or Ivy. Once constructed, the Garou ties it around their wrist and howls 3 words of power.
• Rite of Spirit Awakening (Level 2): This is used to bring inactive (or sleeping) spirits to wakefulness. A rhythm is played by a Garou on some form of instrument while other Garou participating pace around the rites master with howls and growls in counterpoint to the beat. Mundane items are enlivened, causing it to awaken and appear in the Umbra.
• Rite of Summoning (Level 2): While most Theurges can call spirits, the process involves complexities in the rituals, endless meditation and tribal mantra chanting. Typically done in the Umbra to make it easier. Minor spirits are usually too weak to resist a powerful summoning, while the more powerful ones will pay a visit out of curiosity.
• Rite of the Fetish (Level 3): Allows Garou to create a Fetish (an item inbued with a spirit). Doing so requires the potential item to be cleansed by suspending it under sufficiently drinkable tap water (running tap water), burying it in the pure earth, exposing it to constant breezes or suspending it above flame for 3 consecutive nights; then must force or persuade a spirit to enter the prepared object.
• Rite of the Totem (Level 3): You have a similar interest. A singular common goal. So what if there's only 3 of you? You're a pack now, or you will be once this rite is complete. Spirit quest, typically led by the rites master, or quite possibly even separate quests for each member of the pack who wishes to petition, as the totem has to decide if the Garou petitioning are worthy enough to become his fosterlings.

Punishment Rites have been known to levy the sanction of the tribe or Sept against a werewolf who has transgressed. The Garou are strengthened by establishing clear limits on acceptable behavior, and the more participation in these punishments by other Garou, the stronger the commitment to the pack over the individual.

• Rite of Ostracism (Level 2): Common for lesser crimes, but devastating effects can be had during wartime. The punished Garou is estranged from their tribe, sept, or pack, being treated as a non-entity. Ignored and left on their own as much as possible, although no hostile actions are taken against this Garou at the onset (in theory.) Typically lasts from one phase of Luna to the next, however it can last as long as the sept or tribe leader’s desire.
• Stone of Scorn (Level 2): A rock imbued with a malicious spirit that contains personifications of shame, sorrow, etc. Some septs have a permanent stone of scorn to which offenders are dragged. The stone is passed to each Garou present, the scorned one is forced by their sept mates to sit and watch. Each Garou who receives the stone carves or paints a symbol of derision or shame onto it while telling some mocking or otherwise degrading tale about the offending behavior or about flaws in the Garou's character.
• Voice of the Jackal (Level 2): The behavior of a Garou has shamed not just themselves, but their entire sept and/or tribe; this may be a viable punishment. The Rite’s master blows a handful of dust or ashes onto the offender and speaks "Because thy (cowardice/gluttony/selfishness/etc) has proved thee tobe of jackal blood, let thy voice proclaim thy true breed!" As the dust or ash lands on its target, their voice changes -- causing them to speak in an annoyingly shrill and piercing nasal whine until the Rite’s master repeals the punishment.
• The Hunt (Level 3): This is called against those who have committed unwarranted murder or other capital crimes while still retain a vestige of honor. All those participating in a Hunt streak their bodies with ancient symbols in paint or clay, marking them as part of a Hunting Pack and other Garou will clear a path for those so marked. No quarter is given, and many who have perished in this way have gained post-humongous renown.
• Satire Rite (Level 3): The Stone of Scorn has a big brother. In this case, a special drama crafted by the Philodox and Moon Dancers for the sole purpose of ridicule and always performed during a moot with the offender in full view of the sept. Most of the time, Garou who witness one that aren't the offender will spread it freely to any other Garou they encounter. The offender suffers much renown loss for being so "honored".
• Rending the Veil (Level 4): Typically used to punish a human who has greatly offended the Garou. The offense is either against Garou, Gaia or Her children. The human becomes the victim of an all night hunt, and may (or may not) result in the death of the human. Those who live are rendered insane, though some overcome this and heal. This is not considered a breach of the Litany.
• Gaia's Vengeful Teeth (Level 5): Commonly reserved for traitors, consorts of the Wyrm or pure cowards whose lack of action caused death of other Garou. At least 5 Garou drag the traitor to a spot of hard, cracked earth and stone before the Ritesmaster stabs a sharpened twig or stone into their hand as they recite the traitor's sins against Gaia. Smearing their blood over the traitor's eyes, ears, and forehead, the ritesmaster cries out in grief and rage. As blood and tears drip to the ground, the rite takes effect. From that moment, whatever of Gaia touches the traitor transforms into razor sharp silver so long as it maintains contact with the flesh. Hunters in Crinos then chase the traitor like a dog before the ground consumes him. Offender's name is striken from all histories, spoken only as a curse until that moment forward.

Rites of Renown celebrate accomplishments of individuals and achievement of new stations within the pack or sept, a longing to receive such rites much as they fear those of punishment.

• Rite of Accomplishment (Level 2): Honoring a werewolf and recognizing the trials they've had to endure to attain their current rank. An elder will call the honored one forward, as they advance their deeds will be listed to gain the acclaim. The Rite then takes place, and anyone who wishes to speak on behalf of the Garou being honored is welcome to. The elder follows up with something along the lines of "She is made greater in tribe, and sept, and amongst the people everywhere. Let this be known."
• Rite of Passage (Level 2): No cub is even accorded adulthood or respect until they pass this rite, not even considered true Garou, nor considered a member of any tribe until this is complete. The cubs must complete a dangerous test to prove they have the guts, honor, wisdom, and courage befitting a werewolf, and it is very seldom undergone alone. The rites master sends the would-be pack off into the world with a specific intent, forbidding the cubs from returning until they have tried to accomplish this goal. If successful, they are marked with a pictogram that brands them as full-fledged Garou. If unsuccessful, they are considered second-class citizens until granted another opportunity to prove themselves.
• Rite of Wounding (Level 1): Celebrates a Garou's first battle wound. All honor this as a sign of courage.

Seasonal rituals are celebrated differently from tribe to tribe and from place to place. Some celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, others perform at least once per moon and renew Gaia's connection to the Garou.

• Rite of the Winter Winds (Level 2): Salute to Helios and encouragement for him to lengthen the days once more. No two septs celebrate it the same way. Encourage Gaia's labor in giving birth to Helios and frighten off any minions of the Wyrm that may still be lurking.
• Rite of Reawakening (Level 2): Vernal equinox, led by the Rite’s master at sundown leading the Gathered Garou into an Umbral quest. Always do these quests contain 7 trials, and it is usually around this time that mating is once again encouraged.
• The Great Hunt (Level 2): Also known as Midsummer. Exactly at midnight, the Rite’s master calls upon Gaia to bring the attention of the sept to a creature worthy of the Great Hunt. In preparation, the Garou chant, howl and tell stories, also engage in a ritual bloodletting. At dawn, Gaia sends the waiting sept a sign proclaiming the target of the hunt. They only have until midnight to complete the Great Hunt; the danger of the Great Hunt determines the amount of Glory gained.

Chapter 6: The Umbra

The Umbra
The Umbra is another world that exists alongside the physical world. The Umbra is a place filled with layers and in certain layers spirits reside where the Garou can communicate with them or even enter the Umbra itself. The layers of the Umbra are as follows.

Other Layers
Gauntlet: The gauntlet is a barrier that shields the Umbra from the physical world, the thickness of the Gauntlet decides how hard it is to gain entrance into the Umbra. The Gauntlet Is weaker in places of death and stronger in places filled with lively activity.

Penumbra : The Penumbra is a mirror reflection of the physical world and how it should be in the eye of the beholder. Depending on what race enters the Penumbra will see. Garou will see this world in an animalistic fashion, mages while other mages and vampires will see the place in a state of decay

Layers of the Umbra
The Underworld (Low Umbra): The Underworld is the lowest point of the Umbra and the domain of the dead and memories. The Underworld is divided into several areas. (More on the Underworld)

The Spirit Wilds (Middle Umbra): This is the domain of spirit and essence and is where Garou frequent the most.

The Astral Reaches (High Umbra): The High Umbra is the domain of thought, idea and concept and is a reflection of the conciseness of humanity in its entirety. This domain is frequented mostly by mages. (More Details on the workings of the different realms and zones)[/left]

Chapter 7: Making your Garou

Choose a name for your Garou.

Your character's IG level.

Age of First Change
The age your character first experienced a change into the wolf form.

Birth Date
Choose your character's DOB. Permission is needed to rp over 700. Use this math formula to get your character's age appearance.
(Current Year - DOB - Age of first change = Sum/25 + 13)

Choose Lupus, Metis or Homid. Permission is needed for Metis.

If applying for Metis, choose deformities to rp whose accumulated level equals 5.
- albino (Level 1)
- blind (Level 4)
- chitinous skin (Level 2)
- deaf (Level 4)
- fits of madness (Level 3)
- fragile claws/loose teeth (Level 3)
- hairless (Level 1)
- horns/hooves (Level 1)
- hunchback (Level 2)
- no sense of smell (Level 3)
- weak immune system (Level 4)
- withered limb(Level 3)

Choose an Auspice for your character to rp as fitting your character's personality.

Choose one Breed Gift and one Auspice Gift. You may only choose Gifts in your level.
Level 1 Gifts for anyone level 6 and over.
Level 2 Gifts for anyone level 12 and over.
Level 3 Gifts for anyone level 18 and over.
Level 4 Gifts for anyone level 24 and over.
Level 5 Gifts for anyone level 30 and over

This is to request permission to perform certain Rites. Choose Rites for your level only.
Level 1 Rites can be performed by anyone level 6 and over.
Level 2 Rites by anyone level 12 and over.
Level 3 Rites by anyone level 18 and over.
Level 4 Rites by anyone level 24 and over.
Level 5 Rites by anyone level 30 and over

Template for Garou
[color=black][u]Name [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Age of First Change [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Birth date [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Breed [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Deformities [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Auspice [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Gifts [/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]Rite requests [/u]:[/color]

When Finished
When done, send this to "The Grim of Evil" and it will be looked over. If you are not a werewolf, do not fill this out, this is not an application to get race changed.

Application to Change Gifts
[color=black][u]Previous Gifts[/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]New Gifts[/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]How Was the Gift Changed[/u]:[/color]
(Note: Remember to put the level of the gift after it.)

Application to Change Auspice
[color=black][u]Previous Auspice[/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]New Auspice[/u]:[/color]
[color=black][u]How Auspice Was Changed[/u]:[/color]

Thanks to Kevin for giving a few ideas for the guide.

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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Tanya Smith on Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:06 am

Read it all, great job, Drake.


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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Nico on Wed Jun 22, 2011 4:39 pm

I have a question : how does the Mindspeak work ? I mean,if you have the gift,you can use it,how does it work,and what does it cost ? Will it exhaust me ? Will I faint if I am too weak ? What is its range ? Does it require visual contact ? If I link my mind with someone,I can show him images,places,only by thinking about them ,right ?Can I use it in-game from now on ?

When you use it ...the target remains conscious ? Can you actually make him unconscious for a small amount of time ? While dreaming /talking with you using Mindspeak ? Is it usable it both forms ? Human and/or Wolf form ?

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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Nero on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:03 pm

Wow, nice. The Auspices remind me of Vampire Bloodlines. Nice job, I like it Very Happy

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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Sam Akabara on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:21 pm

That's becuase they're cut from the same cloth...And this is from White Wolf publishings WereWolf:The Apocalypse game line as opposed to the Vampire: The Masquerade Game line.


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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Jager Arach on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:48 am

Adding somethings
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Jager Arach on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:22 am

The Grim of Evil wrote:Adding somethings
Done everything added, please re send your applications even if already sent.
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Jager Arach on Mon Jul 04, 2011 7:59 am

A change has been made to the Gifts
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Jager Arach on Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:57 pm

Balance changes added and a more info added "How To Change Gifts"
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Kevin Alymer on Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:04 am

New Guide has been posted. Now the applications should be pmed to me.
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

Post by Jager Arach on Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:53 am

Kevin wrote:New Guide has been posted. Now the applications should be pmed to me.
Guide edited, and new things added.
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Re: The Garou Guide for werewolves.

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