Vampire Related Rules

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Vampire Related Rules

Post by Shin Takeshi on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:01 pm

1. Do not feed off of Levels 1-2. They are still learning, and would not yet know how to handle the encounter.

2. You can only feed using /vampirebite. If you do not have /vampirebite, you can attempt to obtain bloodpacks, or buy blood from ghouls. If you feed off of a human without using /vampirebite, it will be considered powergaming.

3. Vampires are still human. They suffer pain, and can loose limbs or die just the same as if they were mortal. Bullets, fire, cars, etc. can kill you.

4. Vampires can not feed from themselves.

5. Vampires are to follow the laws of the Masquerade, or they can be Pk'd, possibly CK'd.

6. Vampires must Feed at least once every two weeks. If not, they will begin to go insane from hunger. The exception is Kiasyd, who get a full month.

7. Vampires must feed from a real player, or from a bloodpack obtained RPly. NPCs can not be fed from.

8. Vampires themselves can not make bloodpacks. The bloodpacks must be obtained from EMS personell, the hospital, or from a willing ghoul. Vampires may not take blood from an unconcious human, and make a bloodpack that way.

9. There is no antidote to vampirism.

10. You may not make up your own kind of vampire. You play by our outlines, or you go be a human.

11. You have to RP fear of weaponry, just the same as humans.

12. Human beings do not know of Vampire existence, and it is to be kept that way. Only official factions are allowed to make ghouls, and you need the faction leader's permission to do so. A faction may only have up to 4 ghouls.

13. Vampires are not allowed to use vending machines to gain health.

14. Vampires are not allowed to use their powers/abilities in public unless they have a good role-play reason.

15. Do not drive-by. Vampires are not allowed to drive-by, not even as passengers.

16. Vampires are allowed to role-play feeding only once per week, so choose your victim wisely.

These will be updated in time, obey these rules just the same as server rules:
Shin Takeshi
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Re: Vampire Related Rules

Post by Seeker on Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:02 pm

New vampire rule has been added: Vampire rule number 15.


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