Laws of the Fegarri Pedia.

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Laws of the Fegarri Pedia.

Post by Jager Arach on Sat May 28, 2011 6:16 pm

Laws of the Pack.

1. Never turn your back on a comrade.

2. Never attack one of your comrades.

3. Never trust a Child of The Night or Human.

4. Never disclose the Pack's existence to anyone who is not one of us.

5. If you are to die, die like a warrior.

6. Fear no one.

7. Always show respect to your superiors, especially the Kinigos.

8. Always look over your shoulder.

9. The word of the Kinigos is law.

Laws of garou

1. Never shift in public.

2. Never hunt in daylight or more then you can handle.

3. Respect the Fegarri and it's teritory.

4. Never attack a Fegarri member in an unhonourable way.

5. Never threaten the safety of the race.

6. Avoid using your powers in public.

7. Over affection for vampires or humans will not be tolerated.

8. Request permission to perform missions in Red County.

9. Do not disrespect each other. Be honorable.

10. Do not consider a territory as yours unless it is given to you by Fegarri Pedia.

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