Ranks of the Fegarri Pedia.

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Ranks of the Fegarri Pedia.

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Positions in the pack

Dimiourgos (Creator):The original founder of the Fegarri Pedia.

Kinigos (Hunter): The Kinigos commands all of the pack through a mix of respect and fear. His word is law.

Dio (Second): The Dio is the Kinigos's most trusted man. He acts as a guard, adviser and usually a friend.

Sevasmos (Respected): A Sevasmos is a highly respected member of the pack only getting their through much blood shed and being the most respected and somewhat feared. They act as advisors for the Kinigos.

Likos (Wolf): A Likos is a Pup who has been finally initiated into The Pack. Likos carry out jobs for the pack and are almost always needed.

Krino (Judged): A Krino is either a new werewolf in the pack or is a human looking to be turned into a lycanthrope. They do small tasks and wait initiation when it is decided they are ready, usually by the Sevasmos.

Kinfolk Ranks

Duke: - Chairman of the council (this rank only applies if it is the FIRST ever Duke, there is only ever one chairman) and leader of the Kinfolk.

Baron - Co-Chairman (takes the place of the Duke if the Duke dies in battle, there can be more than one co-chairman, and gains full command at the death of the chairman.) of the council and co-leader of the Kinfolk.

Knight: - Effectively a soldier. Defends the Kinfolk against the Wyrm, fights alongside the Duke, Baron and Garou in battle. If a Knight enters battle, they fight honourably and fairly.

Apprentice - Learns from the Knight how to fight in battle, the Knight teaches the Apprentice how to fight honourably, and how to respect your opponent, even if there is hatred. The Knight also teaches the Apprentice how to craft weaponary, which the Apprentice then does so for the Knight. Apprentices may also be called to battle in times of grave need.

Tutor - The Kinfolk's tutor, teaches the pupils litany.

Pupil - Learning from the Tutor, of his genealogy, past and of the litany. Also acts as a errand-boy for the Garou and them.

Specialty Ranks
Afonos Adelfo (Silent Brothers): Afonos Adelfo is a group dedicated to punishing any Lycan who jeopardizes the safety of the pack and even the race.

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