Story of the Fegarri Pedia.

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Story of the Fegarri Pedia.

Post by Jager Arach on Sat May 28, 2011 6:10 pm

The lycanthrope have existed for as long as mankind dares to remember. They have fought many battles and have been nearly driven to extinction many times over by the children of the night and their day walking brethren. Most of their cultures were destroyed in these battles, but the remnants of these cultures have been shared and mingled together. The lycanthrope now hide in the forest fearing death by human hunters or the pale ones. But in all of the jumbled remnants of the past one testament stands out the most "And so they had endured many hardships and over come much. Beaten and broken they are, but when the night comes to reign neither the sons of God nor the spawns of Lucifer will stop the children of the moon from cleansing the earth as the sun is swallowed whole by the moon." We fight for this day when we shall rise again be brought to our former glory. The age of man is coming to a close and the vampire disease has overstayed its welcome. They shall all perish and we will take back the land in the name of the lycan.

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