What EMS is and what EMS is not.

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What EMS is and what EMS is not.

Post by Tanya Smith on Sun May 01, 2011 11:44 am

EMS is the Emergency Medical Service
We are Paramedics plus Surgeons and other hospital staff members.

We are trained to take care of victims on sight with injuries such as:

Stab wounds
Broken Bones
Neck/back injuries
Difficulty Breathing
And many others:

Now EMS DOES Deal With the following:

C.S.I Clean ups
or with fires accidents, car crashes and such.
EMS have got every equipment they have now.

And so on:

A paramedic is limited to what s/he can do at any type of medical incident depending on his or her training level.

Ranks: (In order from 5-1)
Recruit - Just joined EMS, in need of few ridealongs and assistances to higher ranks for promotion.

Medic/FF - Trained enough to drive ambulance without permission, knows how to transport people to hospital. Helps recruits, gets them for ridealongs. Can drive Engines too.

Captain - s/he was in EMS for quiet a time and is ready to take surgeries. He's advises and tells a Medic/Firefighter what was missed and criticize them. Also taking a lead in bigger car crashes as a firefighter.

Field Supervision - Supervisor, can deal with any situation, controls Captains.

Commander - In charge on everything. Controls every staff member of EMS and takes responsibility for their actions.


Call Taking System:
EMS will respond to all high priority calls first when man power is at its minimal:

Keep in mind, when calling for medical aid please be as detailed as possible on what(s) happened/ is happening.

EMS motto:
"Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best!"


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